Discovering An Allergy, My Eczema & Green People!

After having a patch test via my dermatologist at the beginning of the year, I discovered I have an allergy to 'Fragrance Mix II'. It is essentially a group of perfumes which are added to beauty products to make them smell nicer. This has made my life extremely tricky, because some brands use fragrances from only one group, but other brands use mixes of fragrances from all the groups, meaning I might/will be allergic to that product. I get bad eczema on my body which I have managed to control pretty well with Lush's Dream Cream however, my biggest challenge to date is finding a shampoo and conditioner that doesn't irritate my scalp and make it itch like CRAZY.

I have turned away so many opportunities to review other brands of hair care for you, purely because I know they won't work. They might work great for you, but it's pointless me reviewing a shampoo that 'smells nice' and 'makes your hair soft' but will make mine itch. I've previously worked with Aussie and love their products too but sadly, they now make me itch and look like I've got extremely bad dandruff. Or worse, feel like I've got nits. *SHIVERS and flashes back to school days. Bad times*.

Since also working for a large cosmetics company, I've been conscious of using brands who do not test on animals or use unnecessary harsh chemicals in their products. Luckily, this shampoo and conditioner is made without SLS, alcohol, parabens and artificial fragrances, yipee! With September being 'Organic September', I was super excited to be trying a brand that caters for so many different types of skin, whilst also remaining true to it's word. Like when you buy organic fruit and veg, organic skincare means your product will last longer and will deliver real active-packed goodness to your skin. YES PLEASE.

Neutral/Scent Free Shampoo*
I love how this has 82% certified organic ingredients including Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Pineapple. On first impressions, I liked how clean this made my hair feel but on the flip side, you definitely need to follow up with the conditioner, otherwise it does leave your hair feeling a bit dry. As promised it doesn't have any scent, and the Green Tea extract adds strength and shine. Sadly though, after using this for 4 different washes, each time it made my hair itch so much that after a week of washing, I had to stop. :'(

Neutral/Scent Free Conditioner*

Similarly the conditioner contains Aloe Vera, Green Tea and B Vitamins to leave your hair feeling silky, shiny and smooth. I found that my hair dried really nicely and was easy to style too. On the first few washes, this did leave my hair looking like I had a little bit of dandruff and after wash 3/4, my scalp hadn't adjusted to the change and I was itching. A lot.

Neutral/Scent Free 24-Hour Cream*
The lovely team at Green People also kindly sent their 24-Hour cream, containing avocado and seaweed! It's an anti-ageing moisturiser, meaning it reduces the size of wrinkles too, not that I need to worry too much about those yet ;) On first impressions, although it is 'scent free' I could smell what I can only describe as play dough?! It wasn't very pleasant but with that aside, it's actually a really lovely moisturiser. A little definitely goes a really long way though! The packaging is gorgeous and has a super easy pump, but deceiving because you don't actually need a big full pump. It didn't irritate my eczema AT ALL and I'm really enjoying using it (despite the odd 'scent').

Moving forward, I can't sit here and say I'm going to use the haircare as I did experience itching from the shampoo/conditioner. The moisturiser however is leaving my face feeling lovely and soft, which is really exciting for me so I think I'll keep it in my routine!

Although the hair products didn't work for me, I love everything Green People represent; their website, catalogue, products and brand as a whole are simple yet very effective, and I can honestly say I'd recommend trying them. You only need to have a sneak at the reviews on Amazon to see that people (especially families!) are loving using Green People too.

*I was kindly sent these three items from Green People to review however, this does not hinder my opinion.


  1. I followed your allergy journey with great interest, given my own problems. I'm currently awaiting a Dermatologist appointment and hope it will prove useful. I like Green People but the haircare isn't for me either. Have you tried Essential Care/Odylique Gentle Herb? takes some getting used to as low foaming but I can't be without it, for me it was the solution to my itchy scalp.

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