The Body Shop | Haul 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered online from The Body Shop for the very first time. I discovered a code on their website which gave me £20 off when I spent £40, free shopping and a free gift, meaning I got all of this for only £20, bargain!
  • Inflatable Bath Pillow - £8.00 - This is possibly the most ingenious thing I've purchased recently. You blow it up just like a lilo, and it has grips that stick to the wall, allowing you to have pillow in the bath! I have a bath at least once a week, normally for a bit of relaxation 'me' time, so having this pillow makes it that extra bit more relaxing. 
  • Luxury Facial Flannel - There's only so much you can elaborate about a flannel but seriously, this is amaazzinnggg. It dries hard and when run under warm water, turns into possibly the softest cloth to use to remove your make up, cleanser or face wash. What's even better, is that the material is really easy to wash, meaning my make up literally comes straight off when I run it back under the water! Just try it, seriously.
  • Organic Cotton Pad - If I'm not using my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish with my new flannel, then I grab my Bioderma and use cotton pads. These are lovely and soft, with the added bonus of being organic. Super lovely quality with different textures on either side too.
  • Chocomania Shower Cream - This definitely smells better when you use it rather than in the bottle, but unfortunately, it just isn't my favourite and I gave it to my brother to finish. I'm trying the Moringa scent next, it's much more subtle however, I do normally always end up going back to Lush's Shower Gels!
  • Vitamin E Moisture Cream & Eye Cream - After hearing that their Moisture Cream is a best seller, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this as my 'free gift'. Turns out that I don't love this as much as my Clinique moisturiser however, it still has a place on my desk and I'm going to carry on trying it. In regards to the eye cream, this goes on like a treat and definitely helps to hydrate under my eyes, avoid puffiness and reduce redness. I'm enjoying it, just struggling to add 'eye cream' as a step in my skincare routine!
  • Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder - With summer well and truly with us (hello sunshine!), I wanted to stay looking golden and invested in a lovely new bronzer. I like this, but I don't love it. I got shade two which is fair matte, but I think number three would have been absolutely fine on me, depsite being quite fair skinned. I'd recommend going into store and swatching this one, but it is a pretty lovely product.
So there we have it, a few products I've been enjoying from The Body Shop. Is there anything you recommend?


  1. Oh wow you got lots of things there for your money. The Vitamin E range from The Body Shop is one of my favourites.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  2. Ooo the pillow looks genius, loving the matte bronzer shade it does look beaut for pale skin! x

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    Love John Setrodipo

  4. I've been loving a lot of things at the Body Shop recently. Their flannel looks great.