Diet Coke's Treasure Hunk with ASOS!

I absolutely love receiving surprise packages in the post, and today, the beautiful people at ASOS sent me a T-Shirt that says 'Share a Diet Coke with Brogan'.. HOW COOL IS THIS? I was gutted a bottle didn't exist with my name, but now I've got a T-Shirt! Cheers guys ;D

So what's Treasure Hunk I hear you say? It's a chance for US to be involved in a cool opportunity to win prizes! Diet Coke have teamed up with ASOS to launch this six-week summer competition, with the chance to get your hands on a host of prizes, including a T-Shirt with your name on (like mine!), discount codes and a sterling silver ring-pull necklace, which I've definitely got my eye on!

Each day, ASOS will hide Diet Coke 'hunks' in places across the website. All you have to do is listen to the clue and find him with a Diet Coke T-Shirt on, simple! There's daily winners at random and after the six weeks, one grand prize winner for a bespoke nine-carat, rose gold, diamond encrusted pendant worth £4,500, designed by jeweller Katie Rowland. *insets emoji with heart eyes*

Treasure Hunk has been launched in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Diet Coke Hunk and I will definitely be getting involved. Thanks again ASOS, you da best. MWAH.

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  1. i like ur blog :) can u check out mine?

  2. That's really awesome! Just watched your video on secret life of a youtuber and you seem so confident! I've just started doing some videos for my blog and I really need to get better! What camera/lighting do you use to do your videos? They are so consistent and nicely done :) Good luck for the future! xx