Dirty Looks Hair Extensions Review

Hello! It's been some time since I posted anything and for that I'm sorry. Rest assured however, I have some exciting ideas planned for this year and in terms of prioritises, I am sharing this one first. Almost a month ago, I was contact by a brand called Dirty Looks who kindly offered me a pair of their hair extensions. I haven't owned a pair before and constantly get asked if I know of anywhere that sells good ones. Therefore, I decided to say 'yes please!' and trial these out for you!

Colour & Length
I went for the Bobby Glam Full Head Triple Weft Extensions*, length 16-18" which was pretty perfect. Lots of people mentioned about getting the longer ones and cutting them, although I personally didn't want the hassle. I found adding the 2 clip sections at an angle at the top of my head created nice layers too.

In terms of the colour, I originally chose auburn as my hair is naturally red toned however, this was far too bright for me and Dirty Looks kindly swapped them for Hot Toffee. Feeling apprehensive about the first set I received, I genuinely didn't think anything would match perfectly and was super shocked when these did. Even my mum was amazed! They brush easily, take minutes to clip in and the colour match is perfect. Dirty Looks have a whole range of colours and tones to choose from, you are almost guaranteed to find a good match. 

Weft & Thickness
I had absolutely no idea about hair extensions before this. I turned to my good friend Holly who told me to go for a double or triple weft as this means that there are a few strips sewn together to create even more thickness. Even though I have naturally thick hair, I recently had it cut thinner and therefore didn't hesitate to go for the triple weft. I'm so pleased I did as the thickness is perfect. They are incredibly soft and are 100% real remy human hair. If I decide one day that I only want a little bit of length and nothing too heavy, I only add a few pieces however, in the pictures above I have all 7 clipped in and can't believe the difference when you look at before and after. I noticed that these are thick from top to bottom too - they don't go scraggly at the ends and are cut beautifully. 

As a total beginner, I was pleased to see that there was instructions and an easy guide inside. However, it clearly states that each piece is 'numbered' but I had no numbers on mine at all? Therefore, I wasn't exactly sure where each piece should go where and it was purely trial and error. I also noticed that previously, the packaging was a box. This would make great storage for the extensions and I'm struggling to find a suitable way to keep them nice when I'm not wearing them. Any ideas?

As previously mentioned, it's so easy to clip the extensions in, the grips snap back and forth and do not drag or pull at your natural hair. I can hardly feel them in and the clips sit nice and flat meaning I don't have to worry about any poking out! (not a good look)

For my first set of hair extensions I am so chuffed. Dirty Looks have almost every option under the sun in terms of wefts, colour and styles so I highly recommend having a look on their website. This set is currently £89.99 which I believe is an amazing price compared to others. The quality is the best I've seen, the colour match is amazing and I wondering why I never tried extensions before! I've also tried curling and straightening these and amazed that you can still use heat tools on them without too much damage. My only negative comments would be that I would have liked clearer instructions on how to use them however, it didn't take too many attempts to realise how I like to wear them. Massive thank you to Dirty Looks for giving me the opportunity to make me feel like an actual princess, I love them so much. I also filmed a first impressions of me actually opening the extensions, I highly recommend having a watch below too!


  1. WOW! they look so natural and suit you beautifully!


  2. They look lovely on you and actually match so well! I have been looking for some hair extensions but haven't found the right ones. I hope I can find the perfect ones soon too.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. Wow-They blend so well with your hair color! I've had glue-in and sew-in weaves, but never tried the clip-ins...I'll have to give them a go one of these days. Thanks for this post :-)

  4. and i normally hate extensions!

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