Passionata Underwear Review

My lovely friends at Simply Beach recently contacted me and asked if I'd like to review any (yes, what a lucky girl I am!) underwear set on their website. I was absolutely spoilt for choice but knew that in my mind I wanted to find the perfect plain white set. I selected the Passionata Bra* and Passionata Knickers* and here's what I thought.

As both the bra and knickers are very expensive, I was expecting them to arrive more beautifully packaged. They came in a plastic clear bag and I was a little disappointed. A small box or even some tissue paper would have made a really nice added touch. I asked Simply Beach and they assured me that they're working on designing more attractive packaging. I really do believe it would make a huge difference!

I'm going to talk about the underwear first as I can't say enough good things. Designed cross between Brazilian style and a thong, the knickers are extremely comfortable to wear. The white band is thicker than normal 'strings' which I really like. The lace doesn't irritate the skin and they wash well too. 5/5 from me!

Passionata Diamon Push Up Bra - £31.00
I have mixed feeling about this bra. I wanted to love it more than anything else in my draw. In fact, it's one of the more expensive bras I've ever owned but did that make it the best? 
Described as 'Push Up', there is actually no padding or extra support and it required me to fasten the straps to the tightest possible before they looked and felt right. I was expecting a completely different bra to be honest. Saying that, it did give them a really nice shape and actually looked better than I thought underneath my clothes.
The cups are shaped quite low which made me feel uncomfortable and the band was slightly tight around my back. This is most likely because it isn't the right size for me. Simply Beach offered to change it but I've decided to get measured and find out my exact size is. Therefore in the future, I can make a better judgement. However, my other bras that are the same size fit much better.
I loved the white lace straps, again the fabric didn't irritate and looked really pretty. It has a T-Back option so you can wear with halter neck tops which is really handy.

When buying underwear, I do genuinely believe its more beneficially for me personally to try bras on. This isn't the perfect set for me yet but it is pretty and I love the added details like bows, lace and diamontes in the centre. Simply Beach do however have an amazing selection of underwear which I recommend checking out including brands such as Panache, Gossard, Curvy Kate and Wonderbra. They cater for DD+ and have a selection of bridal lingerie too. I previously reviewed a bikini from their Seafolly line which you can read here.

Have you got a favourite underwear brand?


  1. They do look lovely but I have to admit I've never owned a white set of underwear. I just seem to have something against that as a colour, I'm convinced I'll wear them once and they'd go grey after one wash, which I'm sure isn't the case.

    1. really? Oohh I wear a lot of white t-shirts and smart blouses for work, so a white bra is my best friend. Yes they do fade over time, but wash them properly and you'll be find. You can also add whitener but to be honest, they colour is no different to normal white clothes. xx

  2. That is really lovely set. I have never owned a matching set but these look lovely but I hate white bottoms. Either way they look pretty!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  3. I'm always after the perfect white set too, and have yet to find them! I love the look of the underwear. They look comfortable but really beautiful too. I do think the same with the whole trying on - it's one reason I've never massively gelled with online shopping. I like to try things, feel the material etc. Saying that, I have bought from Simply Beach before and loved my items. I agree about the packaging. Would make it feel a little more luxury :) xx

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