Monday, September 23

Olympia Beauty Show 2013 | Photos, Haul & Vlog

On Sunday 22nd September, I took a two hour journey from Bournemouth to London to visit Olympia Beauty, a trade show for professionals from the beauty industry including salon owners, nail technicians, students, spa professionals, make up artists, buyers etc.

I've been attending trade shows for The Beauty Closet for the last two years however never attended Olympia. Brands varied from nail products to teeth whitening, it was beauty heaven. Despite not being involved in the industry as my profession, I actually attended as press for this blog. It's a great opportunity for me to learn about the latest products, so I can keep up-to-date with reviews, new releases and launches for you!

My bloggers press pass entitled me to a few privileges including a press zone. I was so grateful to escape the crowds and enjoy a few beverages, beauty treatments, a coat stand, free wi-fi and a goodie bag (thanks Olympia!). If I could go again, I'd definitely arrive earlier or use the last few hours before they close. There were people absolutely everywhere and it was quite claustrophobic at time. I'd also prefer to go alone and spend more time (maybe the whole day) talking to more stands and businesses. 

As well as photographing, filming and taking in as much info as possible, I didn't want to miss a shopping opportunity and bought myself a few things. I absolutely loved the OPI stand but couldn't see any of the single polishes due to the crowds. The show definitely had an over-whelming amount of nail polish, I stuck with OPI and Essie but desperately wanted to visit CND as I'd love my own UV Lamp for Shellac. Unfortunately, it had an extremely long queue all day and as I'm no nail technician, I passed on the opportunity this time round. I'm pleased that as a brand they identified customers and clients needed space and unlike OPI, I'm sure they all got to see the latest colours for their salons and services. 

Other parts I enjoyed included the 'Nailympics' held on the top floor - so many creative and talented people! I also listened to few demos/talks and tuned in during their 'Beauty Hour' on Twitter.

Overall, I throughly enjoyed the day. I had my nails painted in OPI 'Kennebunkport' by mobile beauty brand Milk. If you live in or around London, be sure to check out their website. I also met a lovely lady called Dani from Dermalogica. I'm pleased to inform you I'll be working with them to review a few products including their Clear Start set launching in October, yipee!

It was great to see how rapidly the beauty industry changes, I saw some amazing products and really wish I'd picked up some sleep-in rollers! They only things I bought were OPI Avojuice Coconut Melon (£5.40), OPI Couture De Minnie Set (£8.34), OPI Nail File (£2.40) and Essie's Winter Collection Set(£10.80).

I picked up the show guide which lists hundreds of the exhibitors, handy for me to look through and discover any I missed at the show. I'll be attending again next year and most likely plan my day with more time. If you're thinking of going, my tips would be - Bring cash, wear comfy shoes, light clothing (it's hot!), no big or heavy handbag, arrive early and walk up and down rows to avoid missing anything. Click to watch my quick vlog I put together below with more footage and photos. 

What do you think? Next stop - Clothes Show Live!

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  1. Wow this looks like so much fun! Can't wait to watch the vlog x

  2. Great post I can't wait to watch the vlog xx

  3. Loved this. My mum is there every year for her business. The Minnie OPI's are fab :) x

  4. This looks like so much fun and I would have loved to go. It is definitely beauty heaven!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  5. Wow, this looked amazing, looking forward to watching the vlog later. I went to the Clothes Show Live a few years ago, it was crazy busy but was so much fun, you should definitely go!


  6. Looks like nail polish heaven! Amazing :)


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  8. Looks like an amazing event Brogan! I def. recommend the sleep in rollers (although they're not ultra comfortable to sleep in, they do give a lovely full/blow dried effect!) xxx

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