Thursday, September 5

Bloggers Summer Swap

Hello! I feel like I haven't blogged like this for a while and I've really missed it. Last month, I decided to take part in the #bloggerssummerswap organised by the lovely Rhiannon from The Sparkly Panda. She came up with this great idea to each put together a small box of products related to the Summer, and send it on to another blogger. It was all kept a secret, I had no idea who was sending me something, whilst I created and sent a box to Jen at The English Rose From Manchester. For me, this Summer was about learning to love myself, so I filled Jen's with a face mask, candle, pair of earrings and a few other bits to make her smile. 

My box was created by the gorgeous Sandra from Beauty Balm. It was the most creative and beautiful gift to receive, she'd clearly taken the time to pick out great products which reminded her of summer. All the products were individually wrapped in floral paper, it felt like my birthday! She'd even gone to the effort to hand write on small gift tags what each product was and why she included it.

St Eval Candle Co - Sea Salt Tea Lights 
"Reminds me of being by the sea and summer days. Ozonic & citrus - reminiscent of the ocean"
You know a candle is amazing when you can smell it before you've even opened the package! I haven't even lit the tea lights, yet can smell them next to my bed-side table. Candles are such a lovely idea, they're a great transition from Summer to Autumn, I'm desperate to get a cute tea light holder now!

Nuxe - Huile Prodigieyse Dry Oil 
"This and a sun tan just works!"
I've been trying to read up about this product because when I first received it, I thought it was a nail varnish! It's actually a multi-purpose dry oil and contains six precious plant oils. It can be used on face, body or hair and I've read it works great mixed in with your foundation. I'm really looking forward to giving this a go, new products and brands really excite me.

John Masters Conditioner & Bodhi Body Wash
"Two summer staples - favourite shower gel and intensive conditioner"
I haven't heard of either of these brands before but judging by Sandra's picks, I can tell I'm probably going to enjoy them. The conditioner contains lavender and avocado, so natural and and organic.

Merionwen - Eastern Spice Turkish Delight Lip Balm 
"A recent discovery - who doesn't need another lip balm, smells just like Turkish Delight!"
I LOVE lip balms. Again, I've never heard of this brand but I highly recommend browsing their website for organic, natural products. Containing cocoa butter and coconut oil, I've already been using this on my dry lips and really enjoy it.

How great was this idea? It made my day to receive this box and it's totally inspired me to reach out of my comfort zone and try more unknown, organic brands. It's amazing how the box totally reflects Sandra and her blog, I'm really looking forward to hearing her latest discovers and grab some ideas for Christmas presents (I know my mum wouldn't mind a nice box like this).

Big thank you to the girls, it was a great idea and I'll be getting involved if they repeat in the future. Be sure to check out all their blogs linked above and what I sent Jen! What do you think?

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