So...? Fragrance Event

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to be invited to The Penthouse in London by Bloggers Love for an exclusive launch party for So...? Fragrance. I haven't bought/smelt/touched the brand since my early teens, so was really excited to bring my best friend Megan along and take a cheeky trip two hours up from Bournemouth.

It was a great opportunity to smell almost all the body sprays, perfumes and even the new dry shampoos! They had cocktails (I had the most amazing non-alcoholic one with coconut and strawberry, mmm!), sweet trees, goodie bags, competitions, beauty stations and even cupcakes. It was a fantastic evening, we even bumped into a few celebs!

Let me know if you'd like a review of some of the products I received, I've been taking So..? Eternal to the gym with me and I really like it!

Thanks for having us guys!


  1. Looks like a great event! very jealous :).


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  3. Omg that event looked so nice! In the first picture is that the drink you described? It looks so yummy!

    I would like the know about so...? Dry shampoo so a review of that would be great! :D

    You look so good in the first picture :P

  4. I used to use So...? products when I was younger too, and I remember them having some lovely scents! The dry shampoo sounds interesting, could you do a review on it? Love your vlogs too Brogan, I always look forward to them :)xo

  5. Could you do a review for the Dry Shampoo :) xx

  6. would love to see a review on the dry shampoo, and maybe compare it to Batsiste?

    loved the vlog too!

  7. i used to love So...? ahaha! Bringing back old memories! gorgeous photos!

  8. i'd love to see a review on all the things you got in your goodie-bag!
    Loving your vlogs by the way x