My Top Benefit Products

It is no secret that I absolutely love Benefit Cosmetics. As a brand, they're really fun and interactive, always hosting events and the team are so lovely. Everyone I've met who represents Benefit has been chatty, generally interested in my opinions and always given good advise. I've tried a range of products from their primers, eyeshadows, palettes, brow kit and even the skincare range. But there are 7 items out of all of the ones I own (I've not tried everything!) which just stand out a little bit more. I use these on a daily basis, some quite new to my collection and others I've repurchased over and over again. 

I've been wanting to try this for absolutely ages, so when the MUA at a recent event gave me one, I literally jumped with joy. I knew I'd like it, my pale skin compliments corals and flushes of pink, this definitely didn't let me down. The powder is long lasting, easy to blend and the colour pay-off is pretty good too. I've not decided whether I like this style of packaging yet, I threw away the little brush as I personally didn't like the shape, but at least it has a little mirror - always handy!

I bought this well over a year ago, have used it many times and the product still seems to be going strong, amazing! This matte bronzer is great for dusting all over the face, but you only need a light hand. It gives an all over glow and is great for any time of the year.

My best friend used this for absolutely ages and always raved about it, but I just wasn't sold. Maybe because foundations seem to let me down and I never get excited about them. However, I was matched by Benefit's head MUA's when they toured for their new Hello Flawless Primer, and I was kindly given a full size to try. Optimistic, I ended up LOVING it and have used it almost every day since. The foundation itself matches me perfectly, it's light-weight and hardly feels like I'm wearing make up. I'll be re-purchasing when I'm all out.

This is an absolute staple in my make up bag. Bought at the same time as Hoola (over a year ago!),  there's still loads of product left and it's such a beautiful product. It blends effortlessly and gives me a the perfect glow. Application is easy with the little brush and I love the glass packaging. 

Ultra Plush Lip Gloss - A-Lister
Brand new and available is several shades, this lip gloss is honestly AMAZING. It's not sticky and is perfect for me as I don't wear many lip products. It doesn't have a great colour-pay off, claims to be a 'bubblegum pink', but it smells good and is smooth on the lips.

Stay Don't Stray - Eye Primer
I know it sounds a bit crazy but this is a teeny tiny sample that I've had for months and can't believe it still has product left! I went to purchase this but Benefit have just changed the application from a pump, to this style of brush. It literally keeps my eyeshadow on all day and is so easy to blend and apply. I'll be buying this and know it will last me ages. 

They're Real Mascara
The best of the very best Benefit product is hands down, They're Real. I re-purchase this every 3 months and use it every single day. It's my favourite product in my make up bag and it never lets me down. Thank you Benefit, hats off to you for making a top mascara! You can currently buy it and receive a free travel size mini worth £9.50!

So there we have it, my favourite Benefit products! It was really hard because I think they're palettes are gorgeous too, but these stood out to me above the rest. What do you think? Have you got any favourites from Benefit?

ps. this post is NOT sponsored, despite it looking like it might be. I just LOVE Benefit!


  1. I haven't tried many Benefit products but this post has definitely got me interested. The mascara is top of my list.

  2. I personally prefer Badgal lash to They're real! I really want to try Hoola, so many bronzers I've tried are too orange but Hoola sounds perfect! x

  3. I'm in love with Hoola, 'They're Real' mascara and High/Sun beam! I am in love with their products! Don't they smell nice too? Benefit was the first makeup brand I ever used and I'm just in love with it so much!!


  4. My Benefit favourites are the Sugarbomb blush, Erase Paste and the Most Glamorous Nudes palette :) x

  5. I'm so tempted to buy 'They're Real' because I know you always mention how good it is! I only have High Beam which I love!

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  6. Great post.

    I hear so many good reviews about Benefit!

    I know lots of people love Coralista and They're Real mascara!

    Hoola Bronzer is on my August Wish List!

    Check it out!



  7. I really like their eye primer as well, had a tiny sample and it lasted months! x

  8. I own Hoola and High Beam as well and love them both! I had a sample of the foundation and loveee how it feels so I'll probably purchase a full size before school starts! I'm also a huge fan of benefit!
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  9. Aaah no, this post hasn't helped my saving money plans at all. As you said that you're quite fair skinned, would you say tht Hoola suits you? I really struggle with bronzers to find that looks natural and not a bit orangey. Everyone recommended the Bourjois chocolate bronzer and I'm not too sure about it! Sorry for the lengthy post haha - great post though!

    Lauren J xxxx

  10. They're Real never lets me down either! I have a dinky version from the ELLE magazine, I'll have to get myself a larger one! :)
    Amy |

  11. coralista is one of my fave blushers too :) I also love Benefits 'fake up' concealer, brow zings kit and cream eyeshadow in 'birthday suit'- they have so many great products! :) xxx

  12. Hoola is one of my favourite makeup items of all time! great post :)


  13. Love the blog Brogan, great product photos too!


  14. i neeeeed to get my hands on 'they're real!'

  15. Hands down, They're Real mascara is the best!!
    I really want to try the foundation primer and don't stray eye shadow primer. x

  16. Your photos are immaculate and the way you write is just fantastic!

    It would be amazing if you would check my blog :)

    thank you :)

  17. benefit there real is the best thing ever!!

    im new at blogging and would appreciate if people were to read it and tell me what they think

  18. I've not tried much Benefit but I'll deffo look into them a bit more now, thanks! x

  19. Just wondering, how much is Benefit - They're real? Everyone raves about it and so it seems it would be worth paying extra for!

    Katie x

  20. I'm a hervana and high beam girl myself but I love Hello Flawless. It's such a beautiful foundation.

    I'm a new follower :)

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  21. hey brogan. I absolutely adore your blog and have been reading it since you started writing posts. I especially love this post as i was just about to make an order on the benefit website and you have gave me some ideas on what to buy! You have inspired me to start my own blog, so please check it out and maybe follow, it would mean alot to me. Love rowan x

  22. love the eye primer, it's my fav one so far :)

  23. All of these sound amazing! I especially like the Hoola bronzer, it looks great! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  24. I really want to purchase the Benefit High Beam to be a make-up essential. So many good reviews! Lovely blog I have to follow.
    Becka! :) x