Battle Of The Brow Kits

Somehow since January, I've accumulated four different brow kits which range in price, design and quality. I thought I'd put them all equally to the test to discover my favourite and wether its worth spending more or less on a brow kit. Brows are a pretty personal thing, some people may prefer a pencil and others may like a powder like me. To keep this little test fair, I used the same brush and didn't use the wax if the kit came with one, because I personally can't be bothered to sit and do wax and powder. 

1. Sleek Brow Kit

I bought this a very long time ago in Superdrug and for a while, I absolutely loved it. Affordable and compact, this is great for travelling and stays on all day. It comes with two small brushes and a pair of mini tweezers, but they were shocking for application and I even lost the tweezers a few weeks later. I tried to work with the wax and fill in with the powder, but I didn't like it. The packaging also gets dirty really easily, it's quite disgusting!
Overall, I'd give this a 6/10, cheaper alternative to Benefit.

2. W7 Brown Bar

I was kindly sent this to review but I'm going to be honest, it let me down. It came with an excessive amount of packaging, but inside were three stencils and different sized brushes which was quite nice. There are 4 numberd shades in the set, I went for number 2 and although a good colour match, the quality was poor. Chalky, didn't last very long and was hard to work with/blend. I wouldn't recommend this. It's also the only palette without a mirror which I found really handy in the other sets.
Overall, sorry but a 3/10. I liked the stencils though!

3. HD Brows Kit

I received this in a goodie bag and when I first tried this I actually didn't like it, mainly because I didn't think the colour match was very good for me. However, I've been using this every day for over a month and absolutely love it. The comments I've received on my videos and twitter have been so lovely, everyone asking what I use! The set came with little brushes (I threw these out) and 4 shades, which are wearable as alternative highlight colours or for setting black shadow. The powder is really easy to work with to create a nice brow shape, and the packaging is sturdy but larger than the others. 
Overall, 9/10. My favourite.

4. Benefit Brow Zing

As you can tell from image 4, this set is almost identical to the Sleek one. The packaging is a lot nicer, and also came with mini brushes/tweezers, which are better quality than the Sleek ones. The wax was softer and easier to use, but when I tried the powder alone, it wasn't as good as I expected. Therefore, I think you definitely need both products to create a nice defined shape. I did enjoy using this, and this colour match was nice, but it wasn't quite as good as HD Brows.
Overall, 7.5/10, lovely packaging and high quality.

Normally, as brows are NOT meant to be looked at close up, I'll leave you with this snap of me with the winner... HD Brows! I'm not an expert and I can never get them to be perfectly equal, but I've enjoyed this more than the others. In second place, I'd give it to Benefit, then Sleek and finally W7. Filling in brows is becoming a popular part of everyday make up, with more and more woman shaping their face and creating their perfect brows. I'm sure there are loads more on the market, what do you use on your brows? Let me know!


  1. Great post! I use the Benefit one daily and I absolutely love it. Doing a my brows has now become a staple part of my make up routine. I would like to try the HD Brows one just to compare.

    Jodie x

    1. Thanks Jodie! If you get the chance, the HD brows kit is fantastic. Especially as the shades double up as eyeshadows if the palette doesn't work as a brown kit xx

    2. Hey Brogan this is so great! :)
      I wondered how you made your blog come up on google when you search for it, mine doesnt seem to! can you help?

  2. you are very pretty. love the last picture.
    and the colours are great, so natural!
    maren anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  3. They should never be equal- eyebrows are sisters not twins. I think the w7 colour looks best on you, but agree HD brows are the best just a shame there's not a brow expert in the local area and their full brow treatments are meant to be awesome! xo

  4. I think the best is just what works for you there is one rule though that there should be no warm tones in brows because thats a big no no
    i really like the Sleek one its pretty awesome!

  5. I really want to try the HD Brows Kit, however I'm apprehensive because my brows are a light blonde and so far I've not managed to find a kit that'll work for me. Looks great on you though x


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  7. The HD Brows kit definitely looks the best - you can tell the difference instantly between high end and high street options! Saying that, one of my favourites is the MUA Pro Brow kit which retails for £4 - I love it! xx

  8. Think I need to try the HD brow kit!!
    Check out my blog to see which eyebrow palette I use :)

  9. I love my HD brows kit, I've had it ages and I've only just started to hit the pan on one of the colours. A mixture of the two browns is a perfect match for me. xx

  10. This is such a good idea! I don't know how I'd get on with a kit, as I always use just the one colour, Illamasqua Truth!

  11. I have the Urban Decay Brow Pot in shade Honey; it comes with wax and two powders which I find work great alone or together. Seeing as you have four brow kits, you probably don't need another haha but I do enjoy using that one!
    Lovely Notions

  12. Im a big lover of the Benefit brow kit but since becoming a blogger Ive really wanted to try the HD brows kit so this really helped, thank you. I also tried out the MUA brow kit and thought it was really good for how affordable it is. Also any Mac eyeshadow single is also great for filling in brows or any brand you love if you didnt want to go for a whole kit.

    Ive recently started blogging again too.


  13. I've been using the Benefit brow kit for some time now, but the HD Brows one looks amazing on you Brogan I love it and you look great xxx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

  14. Hi Brogan! Just thought I'd tell you that I mentioned you I'm my last blog post on mac fix+
    Sarah :-)xx

  15. your post helped me so much. I was looking for a great brow kit for ages. Thanks


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