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Simply Beach Seafolly Bikini Review

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly contacted by one of my favourite websites called Simply Beach, and asked if I'd like to review a product. As my holiday to Tunisia was swiftly approaching, we agreed a new bikini would be perfecto! Before I go into more detail, I must say what amazing service I received with Simply Beach, especially from a lovely lady called Leanne. This bikini was originally out of stock, so I settled for a different one and didn't like it as much. It was no problem for Leanne to change when this was back in stock, and then change the top again as it didn't fit first time round. Therefore I have no hesitation in recommending the good service you'll receive with them. 

The bikini I chose is by an Australian brand called Seafolly. I've admired their collections and styles for years but there's always been one thing stopping me - the price tag. Read on to discover if I think it's worth the extra money!

When I saw this online, I instantly knew I'd like it. I'm a massive fan of florals and anything pretty, delicate and girly is right up my street. I absolutely love the turquoise colour, it looked really nice against my paler skin and even nicer when my tan developed. The underwear in the top was really comfortable and  has the prettiest little bow in the centre, whilst the bottoms have a skirt attached and button detailing. I've never seen something so nice.

 It was important to me when I was choosing bikinis last month to have the top designed like a bra, so my tan lines matched my clothes when I came home. This of course had the bra-type adjustable straps, although you can't undo them if you wanted it strapless. They call this style 'bustier bra' which I really thought I'd like. However, I think it made my size D boobs look more like a B. It came with padding which I removed because it didn't help the situation. However, the bottoms were an absolute dream and I love them! As I have larger thighs which I'm quite self-conscious of, I went for the pretty skirt 'skirted pant' bottoms and I felt really nice in them. The also do 'normal' style bottoms which are just as pretty with a little bow on the side.

Seafolly come up really small. I'm a size 12 and I had to get a 14 for the top but it was still quite tight, especially round my chest. My advise? Don't be afraid to go 1 or even 2 sizes bigger! For such an expensive bikini top, you'd think they'd do proper bra sizes rather than just woman's clothing sizes, something which I was a little disappointed about as the fit wasn't quite how I'd have liked. The bottoms weren't 'baggy'/didn't stretch and again, I went for a 14 which was a good fit. 

I have no doubt in saying that the quality is absolutely amazing. Both the top and bottoms are quite thick, with a lovely lining and the colour didn't fade or show signs of breaking after wearing it all day. The bra has a rubber lining along the inside top (if that makes any sense!) which helps keep the top in place, something I really liked as I was jumping in and out the pool and participating in water aerobics! 
The bottoms came with a hygiene sticker which actually left a sticky residue when I removed it and was hard to get off! I didn't have time to wash and dry the bikini before I went on holiday, so I had to keep scrubbing and used soap to the best of my ability. Again, not something you'd expect from something so expensive. As the material is thick, it took a while to dry which wasn't great when I was sunbathing and still wet over an hour later. Overall though, I'd definitely invest in a Seafolly bikini again because it felt so different to wear compared to my cheaper ones. 

I'll be the first to admit I'm very body concious. I've always been a little bit 'bigger' and my BMI is actually overweight. Therefore, I couldn't face adding any 'front on' shots of me wearing this (sorry!) and poor Rich took so many photos for me. Saying that, whilst I'm on holiday I like to feel the best I possibly can. As I wear a bikini all day (8am-5pm), it's extremely important I look and feel good, just like anyone else. That being said, it doesn't mean more expensive is better, it just means investing in the right thing for you. I can't sit here and say that this particular bikini is perfect for me, but it's very close and I'm going to buy a bikini with a slightly different shape top, almost more like a bra. I know for a fact I'll be getting it from Simply Beach though, they have an incredible selection of swimwear (and underwear!) and I've already got my eye on a Lepel one. I do believe this particular bikini is extremely expensive, but you could always mix and match. This whole process has taught me two things - 1. Don't be afraid to invest more in a bikini, because you'll feel 10 times better on holiday and 2. I definitely prefer a bra type top which makes my boobs look better!

What do you think? You can shop Simply Beach here!
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