Thursday, June 27

little life snaps

Late last night I was digging out pictures and came across some snaps I've been wanting to share at some point or another.  If I could carry my Canon camera with me all the time I'm sure I'd have a lot more pretty pictures. These top three were recently taken at my dad's house whilst I looked after his dog Charlie, a 7 month old cockapoo who is an absolute joy to cuddle and play with. Although, I was extremely glad to hand him back over, dogs are hard work! He's also got a pretty cool Hot Tub (don't even ask), so I like to take full advantage and dip in. My dad's house is actually the same house I was born and raised in, until my parents divorced and we moved out when I was 15. Although the years have passed, it's still quite hard for me to re-visit a place that once held so many memories. Having Rich come always puts me more at ease and it's getting easier. Oh and the random picture of the birthday cake? My brother turned 17 and well, I munched on the leftovers...

Whilst taking the thumbnail picture for our 'Meet My Grandma' video, my poor Nanny got a bit tired of all it and we started taking sillier photos. It just puts a smile on my face when I see it. The photo above was from our holiday in Tunisia at the beginning of the month. I feel so blessed I have the opportunity to travel and go on nice holidays. Rich and I honestly had the best week ever, beautiful food, weather and memories. If only England has a snippet of warm sunshine, I can't stand being cold all the time!

 This final snap was taken in a photo booth at the Style Haul party at the weekend. I love the mix of fun and silly, these girls are so beautiful and I'm grateful to have spent time with them. We've all been talking for over a year and finally met in person on Saturday. YouTube is a pretty crazy thing, and sometimes you can get overwhelmed and swept up in it all. A photo like this just reminds me of who I am, why I created videos in the first place and finally, what it's like to have nice friends in your life. I sometimes reminisce on friendships I used to have and evaluate why they broke down, but then I look at my life and realise its changed so much compared to theirs. 

 June has been a fabulous month filled with a holiday, shopping, IMATS, friends, bbq's and Rich. I also had a good month at work, hitting targets and going into commission, I just hope it stays this way! I'm really looking forward to July, my bestest chum Megan and I are heading to Thorpe Park next week and hopefully, the weather will be better! I appreciate I don't write posts like this much anymore, maybe I should. 

S'laters! IMATS haul needs to be filmed ;)


  1. lovely pictures, the chocolate cake looks soo yummy xxxx

  2. Lovely photos! :) OMG your dog is so cute! :D xx Anna

  3. I always have that Marks & Spencers chocolate cake for my birthday, it's so delicious, I could eat it all to myself!

    Lovely pictures though :-) x

  4. Love your photos, the dog is so cute and the tunisia photos make me even more excited for my holiday in less than 2 weeks!
    Beth May Blogs

  5. Awww Charlie is so cute, I have a 10 month old Cockapoo called Daisy and she is half the size of him haha. They are the most affectionate dogs I've ever com across, though they are hard work too, but it's so worth it :-)

  6. Love the photos! And the dog is so cute!! xxx

  7. Aawwwww lovely pictures! Your dads dog is too cute!x

  8. Oh I'd love to have a hot tub, my parents told me we were getting one but they were joking and I was gutted x

  9. The birthday cake is from Marks & Spencer, right?! It's the one I always have on my birthday as it's my favourite and absolutely delicious! Love all the photos x


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