Macadamia Control Hairspray Review

I've always been a fan of Macadamia products and knew I'd love this new hairspray. It claims to infuse hair with shine and doesn't leave it feeling heavy or sticky. As I've got naturally thick and curly hair, straightening can take me a while and my efforts are usually wasted when it frizzes back up again. Therefore, I've never found a hairspray that actually works, still feels soft and is easy to get out. Until now!

Control has a ton of benefits that make it a really unique product. It's suitable for use on all hair types, humidity resistant, fast-drying, reduces flyaways and has a natural UV protection. The key ingredients include Aminomethyl Propanol, which is an active anti-ageing ingredient, Glycerin and Soy Proteins for shine. Plus its a medium flexible hold, meaning you can brush it out easily. After applying, my hair still felt light, the flyaway bits was tamed and I didn't have that awful tacky taste in my mouth! It was fantastic for keeping my hair straight, but I'm not sure how the hold would be for more dramatic styles.

I love the packaging too, the little swirls work really well against Macadamia's classic greens and browns. However, the plastic lid did brake during postage, so my own picky comment would be an improvement in a nicer lid as it slightly let it down. The 300ml can will last me ages though! Overall, the product is really unique and works well, but the price would be my only holdback. At just over £17, it's a higher end hairspray but I haven't found another like it so congrats Macadamia!


  1. Love Macadamia products so will definitely be giving this a go - great review :) x

    1. they're fantastic aren't they! let me know what you think :) thank you! x

  2. I have naturally think and curly hair too so styling is a pain, i am definitely going to try this out, thanks for the great review x

  3. The Macadamia products are brilliant so I've no doubt this would be fab too! x

  4. These products sound so good! I really need to try some soon :)
    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  5. This sounds amazing! I don't like hairsprays that leave my hair sticky and heavy either, my favourite one of all time is the Free Ur Mind one from the TIGI's Love Peace and The Planet range, but since they discontinued it I've been trying to find another one and I may give this one a go! xx

  6. love the sound of all macadamia products, although iv never tried them yet x

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  8. Hello! thanks for you review.. I am trying to read as much as I can about this brand to decide if it's worth trying or not!
    I have just started my own blog about natural and organic products, would be lovely if you could pass by and let me know what you think :)

    Ila x