Monday, April 8

Eylure Naturalite False Eyelashes 070 Review

Since New Year's Eve, I've absolutely fallen in love with fake eyelashes. Admittedly, it's taken A LOT of practise and testing of a range of sizes, lengths and designs, but I've found a few I love. Eylure ones are my favourite as they're really light, you can't even feel you're wearing them.

I was recently gifted number 80 too which I'm yet to try, but I've repurchased these 70 ones at least two or three times. They feature a mix of short and long lashes which I think suits me, rather than a solid row of the same length. I can get away with wearing these during the day and more recently, I've had them on in all my videos. 

As you can see they aren't crazy, quite subtle yet noticeable. They come with a little glue which is actually pretty good, especially if you're a beginner like me. I also cut mine down by about an inch, as they're always a little too long. They aren't cheap so I often look out for deals in Superdrug, Boots or supermarkets like £1 off or 3 for 2. I can usually get about 5-6 re-uses out of them before I like a new pair again, which isn't too bad in my opinion. 

Overall, they're great for day or night, easy to apply, lightweight and re-usable. A little expensive but worth it for those days you want an added boost!
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