Saturday, April 6

Bournemouth Bloggers Benefit Event #3

 I've been down to the Benefit Boutique in Debenhams at Bournemouth three times with other bloggers (read the previous posts here and here), however this is my second post dedicated to an afternoon there. They recently showed us the 'Fine One One' and on Wednesday, the new 'Fake Up' concealer. Benefit are a fabulous brand who really value their customers and were super generous offering us an afternoon dedicated to showing us the brand new product. Everyone and their mother has been raving about it, so I was really interested in having a look. PLUS, we got lots of cake, a glass of wine, demos and a goodie bag! I won a cheeky competition too and received some extras which made me super happy. 

I won't be giving you a full review of Fake Up because I like to try products for a least a week to give you the best review. However, I am going to give you a 'first impressions'. 
Despite only having three shades, we were all matched really well. Even Megan who has darker skin thought it looked good! I too liked the colour match and the way it brightened my eyes. My dry skin absorbed the moisture and vitamin E which it contains too. My only negative comment would be the coverage, I found it to be quite sheer! At £18.50, it's a great concealer but I'm quite happy with my Collection 2000. I try and buy my Benefit products at Boots too, then I get extra points! (Although I have the Debenhams card, Boots is better.)

I have to say a massive thank you to Sophie and Alyson for a fab afternoon! I absolutely loved the Sherlock Holmes outfit Alyson was modelling, and Sophie looked amazing with her baby bump. This Benefit recently celebrated their 1st Birthday too, so massive congratulations to them. I throughly enjoyed it, especially seeing lots of familiar blogging faces again. Plus, I just got a new job that morning (EEEEKKKKK) so the afternoon was the perfect treat. I'll update you about the job asap. Thanks again Benefit, see ya next time!

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