Thursday, April 25

Life Lately #2

Howdy, long time no speak! Lots has changed recently and I'm finally ready to talk you through the last month or so for me. I'm currently find the fine line between being too personal on the internet, but I think it's only fair to explain where I've been.

Changing Careers
I recently decided to quit my retail job as I was really unhappy, under a lot of pressure and the stress started affecting my health. Luckily, I have an extremely supportive Mum who helped me leave whilst I searched for a new job. I knew I wasn't going to stay in a shop forever, and I was ready for a new adventure. 

Job Hunt
The search for something new was a lot harder than I thought. Days flew by quite quickly whilst I realised that jobs were hard to come by. You know when you hear people say "there aren't any jobs" and you think to yourself, "of course there is". No seriously, I could barely find something to suit me! I didn't give in and ended up applying for all sorts of jobs. I lost count of how many I actually applied for, or how many interviews I went to, but eventually I was finally offered 3 (yes, THREE) in the same day! I was quite overwhelmed and it felt amazing that after two months of being unemployed and struggling, I now had a choice! (The other two positions were actually for Lloyds Bank and on a brand new Liz Earle counter.)

New Job
So the new position I accepted is working for a Publishing company as a Sales & Features Executive. It's a fancy name but basically means I sell the ad space for three magazines that the company owns. I also attend meetings, do a little editorial and photography, keep up the four websites, and lots of other exciting things. The job comes with a ton of perks too which is exciting. I started two weeks ago and it's already going really well. I feel a lot happier.

The Beauty Closet
Although most of my time has been taken up by my new job recently, The Beauty Closet is still ticking along nicely and it recently got a re-vamp! I've made it clearer and easier to view products, so please let me know what you think. Sometimes, I'm not quite sure how I run a shop alongside the other crazy things in my life, but I do and it's my baby.

Exciting Opportunities
Last week, I headed to London for a meet up with some other bloggers which was absolutely brilliant. I met some lovely people who I talk to regularly on twitter, plus the She Said Beauty team again. You can read more in my previous post here.
I've also booked tickets to go up to Manchester in May as I've been invited by my lovely friend Hannah to stay with her! It's a 5 hour journey by train (long, I know!) but I can't wait to see Hannah and Dionne again.
I'm also coming to IMATS in June with Dionne too! AH, I literally am so excited because I can meet some of my favourite youtubers and friends. It should be pretty good.
Finally, Rich and I might have booked somewhere hot in June too ;)

As you can tell, I'm a busy bee right now and finally finding my feet again. I also got a new car which I absolutely love driving, I upgraded my Citroen C1 and it's beautiful. I'll have videos and posts back again soon, just needing a little break to focus on things going on around me. See you soon, promise I won't be long.

Wednesday, April 17

London Blogger Meet & She Said Beauty Event! #ldnbbmeet

Blogging is a fabulous thing. Not only do we all express our personality and share opinions on our blogs, but we all communicate on a level that my 'normal' friends have no idea about. On Monday, I got the opportunity to come up to London and meet some of my favourite bloggers and brands. As it's a two hour journey from Bournemouth, I often miss out on things like this, but I'm going to make more of an effort this year. (hello IMATS!)

I travelled up with Hannah and we stopped for lunch at The Diner (the vanilla milkshake is to die for) with Lauren from laurenella! It was so nice to meet a fellow YouTuber, we had such a laugh. We also stopped in this '& Other Stories' shop which I have to admit, wasn't what I expected and I don't understand the hype. None the less, I still bought a Body Souffle Couture Carnival cream and OH MY, it smells incredible.

I won't waffle too much but I would to say a massive thank you to a few people. Firstly, all the lovely girls that I met. I felt like I gained some new friends which makes me really happy. Secondly, the brands that took the time to show us demos, give us make-overs and products in our goodie bags. Ilamasqua, HD Brows, Filthy Gorgeous and Millie Mackintosh spent their time doing all our nails, make up and lashes! Thirdly, She Said Beauty for being a-maazzzinng hosts! I've met the team before and they're all super lovely. They were rushing around filling our glasses up with bubbly, playing some tunes and chatting to us bloggers. Not to mention the goodie bags they put together for us too, my favourite product being a HD Brows set! Finally, a thank you to organisers Sophia, Sophie & Lisa, you girls did a brilliant job, thank you for having me.

I looking forward to seeing all you girlies again soon, mwah!

Sunday, April 14

Meet My Mum

My Mum and I have been close ever since I can remember. She's my best friend and I can tell her absolutely anything. Some of my favourite memories include our trip to Disney last year, shopping in London and our silly giggling. She's a big inspiration and supports me through anything. I love her very much, so it was no surprise when you all requested 'The Mum Tag' video for my YouTube. Enjoy!
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Monday, April 8

Eylure Naturalite False Eyelashes 070 Review

Since New Year's Eve, I've absolutely fallen in love with fake eyelashes. Admittedly, it's taken A LOT of practise and testing of a range of sizes, lengths and designs, but I've found a few I love. Eylure ones are my favourite as they're really light, you can't even feel you're wearing them.

I was recently gifted number 80 too which I'm yet to try, but I've repurchased these 70 ones at least two or three times. They feature a mix of short and long lashes which I think suits me, rather than a solid row of the same length. I can get away with wearing these during the day and more recently, I've had them on in all my videos. 

As you can see they aren't crazy, quite subtle yet noticeable. They come with a little glue which is actually pretty good, especially if you're a beginner like me. I also cut mine down by about an inch, as they're always a little too long. They aren't cheap so I often look out for deals in Superdrug, Boots or supermarkets like £1 off or 3 for 2. I can usually get about 5-6 re-uses out of them before I like a new pair again, which isn't too bad in my opinion. 

Overall, they're great for day or night, easy to apply, lightweight and re-usable. A little expensive but worth it for those days you want an added boost!

Saturday, April 6

Bournemouth Bloggers Benefit Event #3

 I've been down to the Benefit Boutique in Debenhams at Bournemouth three times with other bloggers (read the previous posts here and here), however this is my second post dedicated to an afternoon there. They recently showed us the 'Fine One One' and on Wednesday, the new 'Fake Up' concealer. Benefit are a fabulous brand who really value their customers and were super generous offering us an afternoon dedicated to showing us the brand new product. Everyone and their mother has been raving about it, so I was really interested in having a look. PLUS, we got lots of cake, a glass of wine, demos and a goodie bag! I won a cheeky competition too and received some extras which made me super happy. 

I won't be giving you a full review of Fake Up because I like to try products for a least a week to give you the best review. However, I am going to give you a 'first impressions'. 
Despite only having three shades, we were all matched really well. Even Megan who has darker skin thought it looked good! I too liked the colour match and the way it brightened my eyes. My dry skin absorbed the moisture and vitamin E which it contains too. My only negative comment would be the coverage, I found it to be quite sheer! At £18.50, it's a great concealer but I'm quite happy with my Collection 2000. I try and buy my Benefit products at Boots too, then I get extra points! (Although I have the Debenhams card, Boots is better.)

I have to say a massive thank you to Sophie and Alyson for a fab afternoon! I absolutely loved the Sherlock Holmes outfit Alyson was modelling, and Sophie looked amazing with her baby bump. This Benefit recently celebrated their 1st Birthday too, so massive congratulations to them. I throughly enjoyed it, especially seeing lots of familiar blogging faces again. Plus, I just got a new job that morning (EEEEKKKKK) so the afternoon was the perfect treat. I'll update you about the job asap. Thanks again Benefit, see ya next time!


Friday, April 5

What's In My Bag? | Mulberry Alexa

I can't tell you how much I lurrvveee my new handbag. I personally thought it was  a better deal to receive this rather than a holiday ;)  The bag itself is beautiful the leather smells amazing at the moment! Once on, the bag is really sturdy and matches any outfit I wear. I will treasure it forever! Hope you like the video :)

Thursday, April 4

March 2013 Favourites

Hiya! I might be a little late but here are some of my favourite things from the month of March. I had a great month with my Birthday and London, but April is going to be so much better. The Beauty Closet got re-lauched the other day too, so check that out if you haven't already! Hope you like the video.
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