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Lush 29 High Street & Spa Re-Launch Event, Poole

Before I start, I must stress how much I genuinely love Lush. Despite the overwhelming smell of the stores, I've learnt and found products that really work for me and I can't wait to try more. When I was kindly invited down for a 'VIP Lush Preview Night' on Thursday, to celebrate the re-launch of their first ever Lush Poole Store in Dorset, I really was quite excited. I didn't even realise I lived so close to the original one, plus it has a Spa! 

I went along with fellow friend and blogger Megan (megansbeautybubble) and although 20 minutes late, we knew we were on a 'RSVP list'. We arrived disappointed to find the shop completely jam packed with people and apparently open to the general public (including children running around!) This definitely defeated the point of being 'VIP', but I had made such a journey and effort to come, I was intrigued to see inside. This was clearly more difficult than I thought, I could barely move AT ALL and Megan and I left after just 15 minutes. I am so gutted that Lush didn't keep this event exclusive as it didn't give me the chance to speak to the staff, see any product demonstrations or properly photograph the store. In fact, I'm not exactly sure how to review it for you so I'll have to visit on a quieter day.  Lush have always been so generous with samples at our blogger events and every time I visit a store, (be Bournemouth or Birmingham), I'm never left disappointed or empty handed. I'm shocked and surprised it wasn't more clearly thought out.

That being said, I hope you can kinda see from these images that it was beautifully laid out. The presentation was perfect, I like the bath bombs in image one as you can pick and choose quite easily from the holes. They had a 'retro' area filled with discontinued products, ideal for massive Lush fans. The perfumes and sprays all had the 'original' Lush packaging on, some even had the exclusive '29' and a drawing of the shop itself. The centre isle was filled with masks which really made me want to try and possibly buy one if it wasn't so busy. 
I have to admit, the Spa area was absolutely beautiful. Split into several rooms, we walked into one where a 'Synaesthesia' treatment was being done, the most expensive at £125 and designed to combine sensory stimulation with a full body massage. Before a treatment, they ask Spa Customers to randomly pick a word from a selection on how they're feeling, then use essential oils to burn a smell in the room to combine with that customers mood. The staff demonstrated how they use these particular oils, dry ice and hot water which mix together to create (what looked like a science experiment!) a unique scent to burn in the room. They also play relaxing music which is actually synced in time to the movements of the massage. Really unique and lasts for 80 minutes! The cheapest Spa treatment is 'Tailor Made', 30 minutes for £40. I can definitely see myself coming for a birthday or special occasion. There was something an added bit special about the feel of the Spa, even the decor was done like a small cottage with bricks!

I had a brief look at the make up area which featured fun wallpaper, a record player and Lush perfumes. It was far too crowded for me to properly see the final part of the store by the till, which was dedicated to many of their shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. The queue to pay was so long, so I didn't catch what products were there either (usually the lip scrubs etc!).

Final Thoughts?
Despite the fact I was left really disappointed by the event in general, the new store and spa are fantastic. They've clearly spent time listening to customers and making the place feel fun and colourful for their products, and homely and comforting for the spa. 
We were told we could have Champagne but I only found two empty glasses and no bottle. This luxury would have been nicer (and available) if the general public weren't shopping around! We were also given a dead rose, and a tag attached with words such as 'Mind Cleanser'. I believe these words are some that customers pick before a treatment, although no one really explained the concept. 
There was no real opportunity to test or get a better feel of any Lush products. I really hope that they take on board the comments and keep events like these more exclusive. I won't be rushing back tomorrow but if I'm passing, I'll take better photos and let you know how I feel second time round. Lush has 6 exclusive Spas in Surrey, London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Dorset in the UK plus, some in Japan, France and Korea overseas. 

What do you think? Do you like this re-design of their first ever store?
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