Joma Jewellery & The Beauty Closet

Just thoughts I'd stop by and introduce you to a gorgeous range of jewellery I stock on The Beauty Closet from designer brand Joma Jewellery. 

We've got the Lou Lou Heart Necklace to match our popular Earrings, simple, pretty and ideal to complete a set.
The gorgeous Moments Necklaces features charms such as a heart and crystals, definitely one of my favourites. 
NEW Carded bracelets "A Little Thank You" and "A Little Congratulations", absolutely ideal gifts. 
Finally, we also have the Freya Lariat Necklaces, "A Little Love" and "A Little XO" all back in stock due to popular demand! 

Everything comes beautifully gift wrapped in these white boxes finished with a white bow, so beautiful. Don't forget it's Mother's Day next week, these are great gifts.

What's your favourites?

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  1. Oohhh theyre so pretty! x

  2. These would make such great Mother's Day gifts! | ULTIMATE NAIL KIT GIVEAWAY! xxx

  3. Mother's Day...yes! Perfect timing :)
    The packaging is just lovely.

  4. I adore this collection! Looks like my Ma will be getting some lovely presents this year. Keep up the great work lovely! xx

    1. thank you Charlotte! theres lots of choice now :) xx