Wednesday Wishlist #8

This week, I've spent a very long time internet shopping. I'm lusting over loads of new stock that's coming into stores and really getting excited for a new spring wardrobe. 
I've been wanting a Parka jacket for ages and although winter is disappearing, this is great all year round. It even has some shape it it, unlike others I've look it!
I've been using my Primark £12 bucket bag like crazy and I know its going to die on me. Therefore, I should probably invest in a leather one, I love this River Island one!
I tried this face mask earlier in the week and it was amazing. I'm going to buy another and blog about it because I loved the way it was an actual 'mask' you place on your face.
My eczema is driving me crazy at the moment, and someone recommended I tried the La Roche-Posay moisturiser. Quite pricey but I really need it.
Finally, I can't seem to last a night out in my silly heels so I'm thinking of buying some wedges to wear in the hope my toes won't hurt so much!

What do you think? Are you lusting over much recently?
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  1. ooo love those wedges!

  2. I love wedges, s much easier than flimsy heels! comfeir too :) XX

  3. Love the bag it will be perfect for spring and looks a good sized bag too :)

    Love emily xx

  4. I love the jacket and the River Island bag, am a complete sucker for a bag if am being honest hehe.

    Great Post :)

    Shauni xx

  5. Ooh that parka is gorgeous, I'm always on the lookout for one too!
    I love the shoes too :) xx

  6. I've been looking for a parka for ages too, and the only one I've seen so far which I like is on eBay and it's from HK! But this Topshop one is gorge! xx

  7. I saw that Topshop Parka jacket the other day and fell in love with it but promptly put it back on the rail when I saw the price! Wowza!!!


  8. That bag is so nice!

  9. Parkas are great at this time year as they are lighter than a thick winter coat but still warm enough to keep you toasty when the wind blows! xxx

  10. internet shopping is my flaw - i spend too much WAY too easily!
    I've heard very very VERY good things about the Roche Posay range, espesh for people with some king of problematic, sensitive skin.

    Speaking of internet shopping, i am lusting over the light bunny, the silver 'dream' bracelet,and the moroccan lights from your website...argh! I think you should expect an order soon, just saying...


  11. I need that parka in my life! Love it!