Macadamia Hot Curling Brush & Healing Oil Treatment!

I recently had a lovely lady called Sara contact me and ask if I would like to try some products from Macadamia! Baring in mind I have super thick curly hair, she recommended these. My first impression was how well designed the brand is. The colours compliment each other perfectly and the overall feel if sleek and professional. It was particularly the glass bottle of the oil treatment which amazed me.  

This Natural Oil 100% boar bristle brush is designed for 'ultimate heat styling'. It claims that the boar bristles maintain the hairs natural health and shine leaving hair smoother, shiner and more manageable. You can purchase the brush is four different sizes from 25mm to 55mm, I tried the second size at 33mm although I probably would need the next size 43mm in future. It's meant to be perfect for short-mid length hair, creating volume at the roots, designing body whether for straightening or curling.

I absolutely love the rubber handle and ease of using this. You can dry large sections and it doesn't tear or pull at your hair at all.

I do however have a major downfall which I'm so disappointed about! After about 10 minutes of drying my hair, I started to smell burning and instantly turned everything off. At closer look at the brush, some of the bristles starting to fall out! I couldn't believe it as it was functioning so well! I then considered if I was using too high a heat, but the packaging claims its 'high heat resistant'. Now I'm unsure if I use it again, I'll get lots of bristles in my hair. 

On a different note, I absolutely fell in LOVE with this. Here's the key benefits:
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • alcohol-free
  • light weight (not a thick oil at all!)
  • extremely beneficial to dry damaged hair
  • keeps hair ultra-smooth, manageable and shiny
  • includes natural UV protection to extend life of colour treatments
  • reduces drying time by 40-50% (I looked into this drying time claim and apparently, because oil and water separate, when the oil is absorbed into the hair it basically pushes trapped water from under the cuticle out, and allows it to dry faster. I have to agree, drying took about 5-10 minutes quicker than usual too!)
  • beautiful glass bottle with plastic pump, so easy to use!

I applied one pump, rubbed it through my fingers to warm it up and put straight onto damp hair. My only concern is if you use too much on the top around the roots, it can look a little greasy once dried. Not a huge problem, as I tried to focus the product on my bottom half of my hair anyway, mainly my damaged roots. It definitely helped with frizz which I usually have a problem with when drying.

I researched and found they sell this exact same product in a spray form which I would much prefer as my fingers wouldn't be left oily and require a wash every time after using the product. 

Finally, it smells absolutely amazing, fruity and herbal-like and I feel so confident using it. It is a little pricey, but I'm sure you could find a few deals about!

Final Thoughts?

The Healing Oil is amazing, I'll be featuring it in my favourites at the end of the month! Its great for whatever type of hair you have, but I'd recommend for thick or long hair. There's loads of sizes in the range to suit you, and it creates frizz-free, silky smooth hair. The smell is divine and it's a product I would give a friend or family member. I can't see me using any other hair oil treatment and I'd definitely buy it!

In fairness to the Hot Curling Brush, I had such fun styling and watching the video on what you can do with it. It didn't tug at my hair but I would prefer the bigger size. If the bristles didn't let me down, I would be recommending that too! However, I hasn't put me off and I'd love to try the Paddle Brush as a good brush makes a lot of difference.
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  1. I was looking forward to this review after your pictures on twitter. What a shame about the brush, I had high hopes for it and hadn't seen that Macadamia retail brushes before. Personally I find plastic style bristles too harsh and painful to use with blow drying anyway!

    1. Aw thank you Holly! I too had high hopes but although this was a great brush, I find paddle brushes easier to work with! xx

  2. how strange about your brush, i have one too but haven't yet found this problem after using it every day for around three weeks. it really is odd!
    maybe it's a fault in the brush? i have the third size, and i find that the perfect size :) xx

    1. I know! I think it was just a fault in that particular one, I'm sure the others are fine! Macadamia are going to find out I think :) xx

  3. I love the look of the brush and the oil seems to do the job.
    Shame about the bristles though, maybe it was a dodgy brush?
    Loving the post & I love reading your blog, It's my night time reading.

    Shauni x

    1. the oil definitely does a great job! probably was a dodgy one yeah :(
      thank you so much, that made my day! xx

  4. You can pick up products from this brand in TK Maxx for a fraction of the price! :)

  5. I love Macadamia Oil products; I usually buy the little bottle of oil and it makes such a difference to my hair

    1. amazing aren't they! a little definitely goes a long way too, so extra long lasting! xx

  6. This looks amazing and such a great thorough review too lovely :) i havent used any hair oils before so this could be my chance to try this product!!

    Love Emily xx

    1. thank you emily! yes, you definitely should! xx

  7. that's a real shame about the brush, quite alarming aswell actually especially as it looks like the kind of brush which is meant for blow drying and like you say it should be able to withstand high heat.

    I've looked into Macadamia products before as I absolutely adore moroccanoil and i really want to see how this brand measures up!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog


  8. lovely review. shame about the hairbrush as it really did sound like a good idea and would be easier than using actual curlers. i love hair oils so much and am always on the look out for new ones so i may have to get this one soon xxx

  9. Shame about the brush...intruiged about the oil though, would love to try it!


  10. I really want to try the treatment oil i loved my Moroccan oil but its too expensive to keep repurchasing xx

  11. I really want to give this a go, keep seeing it on a lot of peoples favourites and so many blog posts about it, thanks for the great review :)