Thursday, February 28

Lauren Conrad Beauty Book

 Lauren Conrad is a massive girl crush of mine. I've always admired her style, gorgeous hair and her life in general really interests me (I watched all of Laguna Beach and The Hills!) I regularly read her website, and I believe she has something behind The Beauty Department too which is an amazing blog if you haven't seen it before! I know she has a 'Style' Book too, but I was more interested in getting my mits on the 'Beauty' version.

I'd be lying if I said I've read the whole thing because I haven't. I'm a couple of chapters in but I felt enough to give my opinion. Firstly, the one thing I love about the book is despite it centralising on Lauren herself, they actually use a ton of different girls with a variety of skin tones, hair colours and face shapes. This gives you a more realistic idea of what they a preaching, something I really liked. My favourite section is the hair 'tutorials'. They use a simple black bow with different types of braids which I thought was so pretty! *googles where to get black hair bow*

The Make-Up sections are okay, but I prefer watching tutorials on YouTube as they're better to physically see how products are applied. That being said, the images in the book are really clear but probably better for a beginner. 

The text is easy to read, the pictures are amazing and overall, I would love to receive this as a gift because it's so lovely! For the price of such a good quality hardbook book, I think this is a hit for any beauty lovers! I also mentioned it in my February Favourites which you can watch here!

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