Tuesday, February 26

Kate Spade iPhone 4S Case

I have this problem where I buy cheap things in the hope that they'll be alright but deep down, I know they're going to let me down. I've probably spent over £50.00 on iPhone cases in the last year or so, and they've all failed on me eventually. My iPhone is so important and I'm very conscious of the fact they brake so easily too. So basically I need something practical and pretty. When Three Mobile contacted me and asked if I would like to try out a case, I immediately set my heart of this Kate Spade Spotty one.

I've been using it for two weeks now and I can't believe it still looks brand new, its beautiful! The quality is beyond any other case I've owned and I just love the simplicity to the design. Its black with white spots, had a pink border and black edge. I personally think it looks so pretty against my white phone! Being black means you can't see any scratches too.

As you can see from the third picture, its actually two cases which you put together. Theres the black bumper case made from silicone which protects and cushions the phone. Then the main part is a hardshell polycarbonate case, which basically means its well protected. Very, very clever.

The case still has the ability to use a charger, plug in headphones, press the lock and volume buttons. The case even dips around the camera, which is great if you need to use the flash. The case snaps on, doesn't fall off but the silicon part means its also easy to take off too, yipee!

I honestly only have good things to say about this. Although it's pricey, I believe it's 100% worth the money and I'd recommend to anyone. I got a few compliments from others at bournemouth bloggers at the weekend too! I've had so many cases and now I can finally say that this one is perfect and will be staying on my iPhone for a long time.

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