Wednesday, January 2

New Years Nightmares

So after such a positive post previously, reminding me of what a brilliant year I had, I've suddenly had a bit of a massive turn around over the last 48 hours. Lets put it this way, its been shit, and I'm using this time and place to rant away. Now before I start, I appreciate that these unfortunate events are not the end of the world and some people are less fortunate and more unlucky than I am, but it just had to be blogged about.

So after lots of hellos, photographs, cocktails and pretty dresses, New Years Eve got off to a pretty good start. I was actually in a place called Aruba which is a bar in Bournemouth right on the Pier on the beach, cool huh? The place was James Bond theme with casino tables, free drinks, a photo booth and fireworks. At midnight, I did the countdown with my friends and for a split moment whilst we all hugged together and danced, I was feeling on top of the world. January 1st also marked Rich's birthday, so you can imagine the atmosphere was pretty good.

At about 12.20am, I went to find Rich back at our booth that we had with our friends, and whilst walking over, a guy slapped my bum. In the split second I turned around, he had knocked my bag off my shoulder and stolen all the contents. My heart literally dropped as I realised it wasn't an innocent action, I was targeted and had to say goodbye to my iPhone 4S, about £50 cash and personal things that are meaningless to anyone else.

Yes I did have the 'find my iphone' app (which was untraceable as they turned it off) and no, the phone definitely wasn't handed in. I did everything that night, told every member of staff, watched the CCTV footage back with the manager and obviously cancelled, blocked and blacklisted my phone as stolen. I had to go home much earlier than planned. So girls, if this is anything to go by, please be so careful. You could be shopping with your friends and this kind of thing can happen! I thought I didn't have insurance so the whole thing would have cost close to £300, but luckily we had insurance through my mums bank. Few!

Obviously that was a pretty shit start to the year and the saddest thing is, I just came home from my skiing holiday in France and have lost all my photos. They didn't restore to iCloud. After plenty of tears, I realised it was just a phone and it can be replaced, my mum was just relieved I wasn't hurt. Much worse things could have happened.

So anyway, I then got a wonderful letter come through the post that I was caught speeding in Southampton and have to take the 'drivers awareness' speeding course. Yes, I know that is my fault and I'm lucky to even get on the course, but it set me back £85 and unfortunately, is over an hours drive away in Portsmouth on the 15th. Bloody brilliant.

In the heat of travelling to the Police Station today to file a report, get my crime number and sort a temporary phone out, I also had to see a dermatologist at 3 o'clock as my scalp has been very itchy and my lips are blistered and cracked. I've seen 4 doctors and really hoped for some good news today, I'd been waiting for the appointment for a while. But of course, apparently its incurable and I walked away feeling the same, having to pay £15 for more creams, gels and shampoo to use every day. Excellent, just what I wanted actually.

They say bad things come in threes, I wonder if anything else is going to be thrown my way. I won't jinx it but lets agree, I've not had a great start to the year so far.

Hope yours is better than mine,

Ps. Luckily, I have a boyfriend who looked after me on his birthday night, came with me to the police station, sat for an hour at the doctors, waited half an hour whilst I sorted a temp phone out and then drove with me home to give me a cuddle. He's even sat here patiently playing on my iPad whilst I type away. For that, I should feel better. 
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