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GHD Limited Edition Ruby Metallic Straighteners

It's no lie that I absolutely love my GHD's. I got a black pair as a Christmas present years and years ago as my naturally curly hair was driving me crazy. I wanted a really good pair of straighteners and to this day, they are still going strong! I've even learnt to create some gorgeous styles with them. If you missed it, check out my post and video on creating celeb curls here

I was recently contacted and kindly sent the Limited Edition Ruby Metallic Straighteners from GHD to review for you and WOW, I am impressed. As I've had mine for so long, I wasn't sure how different the newer ones would be, but turns out GHD have kept up their standards and didn't fail to impress me. 

What's so good about them?
  • They have an 'advanced ceramic heat technology' for smoother and shiner results. This definitely lives up to its claim and left my hair feeling wonderful. 
  • The smooth black plates have a hint of sparkle and are designed for snag-free styling, yipee! The contoured plates make it easier for curls and waves too, as demonstrated in my last post
  • The cord at the end swivels, allowing freedom during styling, something I found really handy. It's also really long which is a huge bonus. 
  • They're really lightweight, I curled my whole head without having an achy wrist!
  • They heat up within 15-20 seconds, great for someone like me usually in a rush in the morning! I found I could straighten my whole head within 15 mins when it usually takes me 20-25. 
  • GHD's have an 'automatic sleep mode' which is amazing if you accidentally forget to turn them off.
  • The colour! Aren't they pretty? They also come in Gold and Silver but I personally love the 'ruby red', would make a wonderful Valentines or Birthday present. 
  • They also come with a heat-resistant quilted storage case with is so cleverly made. It has a center divider which makes packing them away really easy (especially with the wire and plug) and whilst in use, the bag acts as a heat mat!
  • They come with a two year manufacturer's guarantee so even if they do brake (which I highly doubt they will), you know you're covered. 
Any downfalls?

  • My original GHD's feel a bit thicker, so whilst using these ones, I found myself clamping quite hard unnecessarily on them. This is probably just me but I think I like using thicker plates to tame my thick hair. 
  • They are a little pricey but that's only because they are a limited edition pair. I'm not sure if there are some deals around but in all fairness, GHD's are an investment and last an extremely long time.

Final thoughts?

There's not much more I can say other than they're absolutely great. They tick every box for what you would want/need with a pair of straighteners. I would recommend them to anyone, even if you have straight, thin or really short hair.

What do you think? Do you own GHD's?
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