NARS vs. ELF Blush/Bronzer Duo's

(Swatch) Left - NARS Right - ELF

During the summer, I purchased the NARS Laguna/Orgasm Blush & Bronzer Palette and have worn them both everyday since. However, I had such a problem with ordering directly from them so I wouldn't advise it! You can read about that here. Previously, I already owned and loved the ELF Studio Blush & Bronzer Compact which is available for only £3.75! But despite the price, how does it compare to the NARS Palette at £30...

Elf Compact
With something like this, you definitely get what you pay for. I used to think it was amazing, but in comparison to NARS, no way. The pigmentation, colour pay-off and overall finish of both products is shocking. The bronzer is a muddy colour which contains glitter and has to be applied with a light hand. It would probably suit someone with more of a darker skin tone than me. The blush isn't too bad, it has more of an orangey under-tone in comparison to Orgasm which I don't really like. Both products are chalky and don't last all day. However, the convenience of them being together in a compact means you can touch up during the day.

Orgasm and Laguna both have a lot of a hype as it is, so I completely trusted I would like them before purchasing. Laguna compliments my skin tone much better than the Elf one, it has a faint shimmer which doesn't show once applied. My favourite thing about both products is the formulation. They're smooth and last all day. Orgasm is the most gorgeous blush too, it definitely suits my paler skin. I can't fault either product and can happily say they are worth the money. I don't see me repurchasing anything else anytime soon.

So the Elf compact isn't quite a dupe for the NARS Duo however, if you're just starting out with make up or looking for something simple, it isn't too bad, especially for the price. In the pan, they look similar but the blush is definitely more pink toned. Both are so easy for travelling in a compact with large mirrors, a feature I really appreciate. Depsite how much more expensive the NARS Duo is, I'm glad I invested because I feel much more confident wearing them.

What do you think? Do you own either one?
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  1. Such a good comparison review Brogan! I have NARS Laguna and it is my favourite bronzer. I've stopped using it over the Winter because I find it better in the Summer though. I want to try a few NARS blushes and I was considering trying the E.l.f. one, because it gets compared so often. But I am often let down by E.l.f. products and only really like two things, so I wasn't sure whether to take the plunge and order it. I'm glad I didn't!

    The quality of NARS is one of the best I think and sometimes, you have to pay for the quality. Esp with face products! Plus, my Laguna is lasting like a trooper and I was using it every single day!

    Great post, really enjoyed reading it :) xo

    1. Definitely, I couldn't agree more. Elf is always a hit and miss for me too, but after trying the NARS duo I was definitely let down by it and wouldn't really recommend it despite how cheap it is.

      Thank you Sophia, I really do appreciate it! xx

  2. love your reviews always so honest xoxo

  3. I have Orgasm, but not Laguna & I totally agree. The elf one is kind of similar, but it's more orangey and less golden, but still nice for such a cheap dupe! xo

  4. Nars Orgasm has to be my all time favourite blush! And I've been itching to try Laguna bronzer too! Perfect combination in my opinion!


  5. I own both orgasm and laguna and love them both!I was thinking of getting the duo for my best friend for her Christmas/Birthday anyway and you've now sold it to me!

  6. I have the ELF duo, but it sounds like the NARS one is far better - if only it had a smaller price tag! xo

  7. NARS are wonder products and you are right, you definitely get what you pay for.