John Frieda Frizz-Ease/Luxurious Volume Range

Alongside Aussie, I've always loved John Frieda. They cater for all types of hair and have such an incredible range of products to suit pretty much anyone! Back in July, I blogged about 4 of my favourite products from the 'Frizz-Ease range' which you can read about here. I was recently kindly sent three to try out and see what I thought. To be honest, I knew they wouldn't let me down because John Frieda is a brand I really love and trust. 

Frizz-Ease Shampoo*
I had doubts about this because I'd heard it to be quite drying. I was surprised when it made my hair really smooth and I almost didn't need conditioner! It helped tame the frizz (yes, a product that actually lives up to its claims!) just like all the others from the range. What I love most about this product is the texture. It's quite thick, unlike my Aussie shampoo which is really 'runny' and I can't work it thoroughly through my hair. This is great for really getting the roots. You can see in the image of me brushing my hair how much it tamed the frizz.

Luxurious Volume Conditioner*
I've never tried any products from this range for one reason. I don't aim to get volume in my hair. I've already got very thick hair and its not a style I tend to go for. However, despite this claiming to 'thicken' my hair, I noticed it actually reduced the damage. It left my hair feeling stronger and split ends looking much better! Usually, I have loads of hair malt and fall out in clumps, but for the first time in ages, hardly any hair fell out when I brushed it. I was so surprised and will definitely be investing in the Shampoo to work with this!

To make my hair super sleek and straight, I used a bit of John Frieda 3-day straight, a product I've re-purchased many times before and swear by it! I then decided to try both the Shampoo and Conditioner with my hair curly, and as expected the results were just as good!

Luxurious Volume Thickening Mousse*
I'm currently using the 'Frizz-Ease' mousse from John Frieda for my naturally curly hair but didn't think much of it until I tried this. Firstly, it smells amazing! A lot better than the Frizz-Ease one however, the smell does wear off after a few hours. If you use just the right amount, it creates tight curls and like it claims, thickens at the roots. I do admit, it did add volume to my curls once they dried making my hair lovely and bouncy. I love it and will be buying my mum a bottle of her own as she keeps pinching it too!

After being a huge fan of the Frizz-Ease range, I think I'm liking the Luxurious Volume a little bit more. I love the fact it has strengthened my hair, leaving it healthy and happy! The conditioner is wonderful to use and the mousse worked really well for my hair. Highly recommend if yours is like mine. The Frizz-Ease shampoo is okay, I think the Luxurious Volume Shampoo will work better so I'll be purchasing that at the weekend. I'm now really wanting to try more, especially the 'Anytime Volume Refresher'! 

What do you think? Do you like John Frieda products?
You can read more about the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range

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  1. The shampoo & conditioner sound great!
    I am definatley going to try them out, I have naturally curly hair too and its so hard to find products that do control the Frizz as they say they do but John Frieda products seem to do as they say they do!
    Jess x x

    1. let me know what you think jess! I love them, they definitely do :) xx

  2. I've wanted to try the John Freida luxurious volume after seeing good reviews but like you i have such thick hair. I may just have to have a cheeky look in boots when my shampoo runs out! x

    1. They usually have good deals in boots or even asda! x

  3. Wow, you're hair looks amazing! I love john freida, too!

  4. Love your hair color!!
    New follower by the way! :)

  5. Wow, this looks amazing :)

    x Love M


  6. The difference! Wow! I'm seriously impressed. Might have to check it out now! x
    Heroine In Heels