Saturday, September 15

Wishlist #3

I love doing these posts because it helps me control what I do and don't need and makes me look forward to buying new things! 

  • As winter is approaching swiftly, I'll be living in my UGG boots again. Over the years, I've gone through a few pairs but would love to invest in the long creamy/brown ones. 
  • I posted in my last wishlist that I wanted this Ebay bag in 'Apricot'. I went to buy it but it was sold out! So I'll keep wishing for it but I definitely will buy it soon. It's got a great inside section and a back zip. 
  • My new bed! Well, not quite, but I haven't stopped talking about it. I'll be taking a trip to Ikea ASAP to make this mine. 
  • Found this on River Island when searching for a new 'snood' for the winter. Its in the sale for £4! Thought it would look really cute with lots of accessories too.
  • Again, was searching for a new winter coat and found this black jacket. It's sooo gorgeous, perfect for wearing to work or dressing up for drinks out. 
  • My car jar has lost its scent so I need to purchase a new one. Found a seller on Ebay who has loads for only £1.99!
  • I don't know why I haven't bought this Core Collection yet to be honest but it's something I would love to invest in.
  • Seen this Essie polish pop up in a few posts recently, if you look at swatches its such a pretty pink! Definitely need this but they aren't cheap at £7.99
  • I am fully aware this isn't out yet but I would love an iPad. I've read about the 'mini' and think it will be great for emails, reading books, films and my videos. We'll see ;)

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