Saturday, September 15

Wishlist #3

I love doing these posts because it helps me control what I do and don't need and makes me look forward to buying new things! 

  • As winter is approaching swiftly, I'll be living in my UGG boots again. Over the years, I've gone through a few pairs but would love to invest in the long creamy/brown ones. 
  • I posted in my last wishlist that I wanted this Ebay bag in 'Apricot'. I went to buy it but it was sold out! So I'll keep wishing for it but I definitely will buy it soon. It's got a great inside section and a back zip. 
  • My new bed! Well, not quite, but I haven't stopped talking about it. I'll be taking a trip to Ikea ASAP to make this mine. 
  • Found this on River Island when searching for a new 'snood' for the winter. Its in the sale for £4! Thought it would look really cute with lots of accessories too.
  • Again, was searching for a new winter coat and found this black jacket. It's sooo gorgeous, perfect for wearing to work or dressing up for drinks out. 
  • My car jar has lost its scent so I need to purchase a new one. Found a seller on Ebay who has loads for only £1.99!
  • I don't know why I haven't bought this Core Collection yet to be honest but it's something I would love to invest in.
  • Seen this Essie polish pop up in a few posts recently, if you look at swatches its such a pretty pink! Definitely need this but they aren't cheap at £7.99
  • I am fully aware this isn't out yet but I would love an iPad. I've read about the 'mini' and think it will be great for emails, reading books, films and my videos. We'll see ;)

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  1. I love the River Island jacket! I saw it in the shops the other day and was tempted
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  2. I have essie fiji and I love it so much! Such a nice shade, and the real techniques core collection is brilliant! :) The scarf is really nice and such a bargain! xxx

    1. Its sooo pretty! and I definitely need the core collection, I have loads of other real techniques brushes. That's what I thought xx

  3. If you look on they have so many Essie nail polish's for just 1.99! I'm not sure if they have the one you want but it's still worth a look because it's such a good deal for Essie:) I've ordered off the website before and everything I got was genuine :) xx

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for the recommendation, I already looked on there but could only see 5 shades unfortunately :( but definitely worth trying like you said! xx

  4. Im looking at the core collection as well. Its probably going to be my next purchase. They get great reviews, are pretty and very reasonably priced

    1. that's what I thought! Great brushes and worth the money!

  5. Car jars are the way forward! I have the garden sweet pea one in my car :)



  6. I'm obsessed with my Real Techniques brushes they are amazing quality ;-)


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