GHD Style & Protect Gift Set

I've had my GHD straighteners for well over 3 years now and love them still to this day. When I bought them, it came with two GHD styling products which I wasn't that impressed by. The brand have always been more known for their straighteners but appear to have re-vamped and released their own products. I was eager to give them a go, especially as they are ideal for my thick, curly hair.

The GHD Style & Protect Gift Set* retails at £39.00 on the GHD website (although I found it on ASOS and Amazon for only £19, bargain!) The set comes with a paddle brush, two clips and two styling products. Presented beautifully in a sleek, black box, this would make the ideal present.

GHD Paddle Brush (RRP £20)
Hands down, the best brush I've ever used. My mum and I have always invested in paddle brushes as our hairdresser said we need it for our thick, curly hair. But honestly, I've never loved a hair brush so much! It's not heavy to hold, has a non-slip texture, strong bristles and a sleek silver end to the handle. I like this touch as it doesn't dig into my hand when I'm using it. I've used this everyday and whilst on holiday, it tamed my damaged, tangled hair. This is definitely something I would purchase.

GHD Sectioning Clips
Can't say I love these as much, I've got plenty and never use them. I always section my hair when blow-drying, but have to use a bigger clip as my hair is so thick. Although, these are brilliant quality and probably ideal for someone with less hair than mine or shorter cropped hair for pining parts up.

GHD Straight & Smooth Spray (RRP £12.95)
This contains the 'GHD Heat Protect System' which you can also buy alone, so this doubles as two products in one! I used this on towel dry hair but despite recommending 4-6 sprays, it doesn't distribute product very well and I needed a lot more sprays to cover my whole head! However, it reduced frizz and I know it protects against heat. Plus, it smells just like I've left the hairdressers, win!

GHD Final Shine Spray (£9.95)
I've always had to use hairspray after styling because my hair frizzes and curls back again so easily. Obviously a pain when I spend so long making it straight! This product acts like a hairspray but doesn't have that horrible sticky feel. It's light-weight, smells wonderful and leaves my hair looking shiny, not greasy. Can't knock this product, it's one I'll use time and time again.

I like the fact the set comes with full size products, not sample or travel size ones. The brush is practical and will last a very long time. It's ideal for long hair and detangling. I don't love the clips, would prefer one bigger one or even better, some form of styling clips to complete the look. For the price tag, this isn't something I would purchase within my monthly beauty budget/allowance, but it's definitely something I would buy for a friend or family member as a gift. It's sleek, the products leave my hair feeling soft and overall, professional.

You can purchase the set from the GHD website with free delivery. 

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*PR Sample


  1. I love the look of the paddle brush! Slightly pricey, but from your review..definitely worth the price?! Might have to invest :) it all looks fabulous. I love GHD <3 x

    1. honestly, yes! Just think, you use a hair brush every single day! It's wonderful. I'll be buying my mum one for christmas :) ah, me too! xx

  2. I have such tight curls and i'm always damaging my hair straightening them! I'm going to have to give this kit a try, it looks really worth the price :) and you had it for a good bargain to :D x

  3. that brush looks amazing, I've got a look a like.. I love it so much! xx