Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

Perfume posts are often tricky because you obviously can't smell it! Chanel is a brand that I've admired and loved for a long time, one that I'll always trust and re-purchases from. Not only are their watches and handbags to die for, but their beauty and fragrance lines are just as brilliant. I wear Vitalumiere Aqua foundation daily alongside my all-time favourite Perfume, Coco Mademoiselle.

I was fourteen when I first went into my mum's bathroom and sprayed Coco Mademoiselle on me. I had never felt so sophisticated and pretty. At fifteen, she bought me my first bottle for Christmas and I've worn it ever since. I guess its my 'signature scent'.

I only sprayed it for special occasions or going out for dinner when I was younger, but over the past year I've worn it almost every single day. I often get compliments when I meet or hug people, asking what I'm wearing. 

I'm no good at describing scents but to me its a very warm, sweet, floral scent. Not girly, but It's classic and feminine, definitely not over-powering.  Apparently, it has top notes of bergamot and orange; a heart of jasmine and “morning rose petals”; and a base of patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and white musk. Mmmmm!

The packaging is a gorgeous glass jar, sturdy lid with the Chanel logo. Classic gold and white looks beautiful on a desk top. 

The only downside? The price tag. I've always been gifted mine for birthday and Christmas until recently, when I've been purchasing it from airports Duty Free at just under £50.00. Plus side though, it lasts me about 10 months. 

This is something I will buy time and time again, I absolutely love it. I've tried the Eau De Toilette too but it isn't as strong. I also own the Lidl dupe 'Suddenly Madam Glamour' that everyone goes on about. It's similar yes, but no way near as long lasting or classic smelling as Chanel.

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  1. Another perfume to add to my wish list! A great review was definitely useful! :) xx

  2. My mum wears this! It's gorgeous.. Whenever she walks passed me or let's me borrow a cardi or something she's worn it with I'm always like 'Ahhh mummy smell!' :) xxxx

    1. me too! I used to wear my mums scarf and smell it all day saying the same! cute :') xx

  3. OH so beautiful yet so pricey! Just to look at it's so luxurious! I want to just print off a picture of the bottle and put it on my wall just to admire the beauty of it. I've smelt it before and it truely is amazing, love it! xxx

  4. I love the look of the perfume although I have never smelt it! :P Seems like a nice luxurious scent tho! :) My fave has to be 'Angel' by Thierry Muglar! MM!! Smells amazing and I always get compliments when I wear it :) I also love the funky bottle it comes in! I have a thing about perfume bottles and still have my 'Les Belles De Ricci' perfume bottle because it looks so cool!! All twisty with a crown lid! :P

    Great post Brogan about a lovely perfume, it's nice you have such nice memories attached to it :) :)

  5. My sister has this and I constantly steal it, smells delicious!

    Tsui Chung

  6. I adore the way the bottle looks - I'd definitely love to invest in some one day, a real classic! x

  7. My mum has that perfume! It smells great<3

  8. I've never tried it, but I really want to after reading your blog post.
    I love your blog and videos.


  9. I adore this perfume! I got a sample of Coco Noir a few weeks ago too and that's gorgeous too!

  10. Love this perfume! ❤