Friday, September 28

OOTD: Winter's Coming

Top - Zara
Blazer - H&M
Jeans, Necklace & Boots - New Look
Socks - Primark
Bag - eBay

Yay, another outfit post! I'm getting more confident doing these. If you watch my videos, hopefully you'll see more things I've bought from Hauls actually on! I fell in love with this star print linen top the moment I tried it on in Zara. I'll definitely be going back to try on more of the same style, its so comfy and the cut is perfect for me. I've been living in my New Look Boots, they're super comfy and practical if it rains. I also dug out this blazer I've had for ages as I was actually off to work and like to dress smart/casual. I'm on the hunt for a new brown bag but for the meanwhile, its my shit eBay bag.

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Thursday, September 27

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil Smoke

I was recently asked if I would like to try a few beauty products out and one thing I chose was the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil*, £18. I've always loved liquid liners but they smudge and never last all day. I'd heard great things about the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, but knew it was prone to drying quickly. Therefore, I've been trying their new pencil and absolutely LOVE IT. 

"The wait is over: for those who want the benefits of Bobbi's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in pencil form, here it is. This richly pigmented formula really goes the distance, staying put for 12 hours. Long-Wear Eye Pencil's densely pigmented formula glides on smoothly, for intense definition that lasts all day, so there's no need to worry about smudging or smearing. Apply in the morning and wear it into the night." - Bobbi Brown

The first thing I noticed was how sturdy the packaging is. For a pencil, I didn't expect much but its actually really nice. It also comes with a pencil sharpener which is not only handy, but really good quality too. I have the shade Smoke 6 which is a charcoal grey (basically black). It has a soft matte finish and is less harsh than black. 

The texture is smooth and creamy, but doesn't glide on as easy as a gel liner on my top lashes. I did have to tug a bit to create a neat line. However, it works amazing on my waterline. I wouldn't say it lasts 12 hours, but it definitely didn't budge after my 7 hour shift at work. It's so good that its actually really difficult to remove! I had to use my trusty Bioderma but still had to scrub to get it off. It dries super fast that when I tried to blend it with a brush, it wasn't budging. Therefore, if you wanted more of a smoked out look, you need to smudge it straight after applying. 

I don't feel the need to get the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, the only benefit to me would be the fact gel liner is easier to apply. I absolutely love this, especially for a night out as its completely waterproof. This is definitely something I would recommend to anyone, another brilliant product from Bobbi Brown!

Do you own this? Or do you know of any dupes?

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil is £18.00. Shop Bobbi Brown at Harrods.

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Wednesday, September 26

OOTD: Pop Of Colour

Dress, Belt, Cardigan & Leggings - H&M
Scarf & Socks - Primark
Boots - New Look
Bag - eBay

Now Autumn is officially here, I've been layering and wearing warmer clothes again. After lusting over some new winter boots, I dug into my wardrobe and found these gems! Completely forgot I owned them. I love wearing scarves as they brighten up an outfit and keep you warm! My eBay bag is slowly dying, (zip broken, wahh) but I love throwing it on my shoulder, the studs underneath are so cute. 

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Tuesday, September 25

20% Of Motel Rocks!

Hey guys! I have a 20% code for Motel Rocks! YAY! Loads of my friends have birthdays and freshers at the moment, so I keep ordering new dresses and heels. Not to mention, I'm on the hunt for a new winter coat. Above, I've selected a few of my favourite Motel Rocks pieces which I'm lusting over at the moment. Especially the Peplum top, I love that style with black trousers and heels.

So, if like me you're thinking of ordering, why not bag 20%! Just use my code 'brogantatexo'.

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Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator

After blogging and make videos for over a year, I've never once raved or found a moisturiser that I love. I have very dry skin and I'm very fussy. I've tried everything from Garnier products to Liz Earle, but nothing has ever worked for me. Gels can often be too light and not nourishing enough, and creams can be too thick and heavyA few months ago, I got a sample of the old version (Extended Thirst Relief) in a magazine. I loved it so much that I stocked up and bought more magazines just for the samples, as this isn't the cheapest moisturiser (well, gel-cream) and I wanted to know if I'd love it. I've been using my sample for over two months and take it everywhere with me. I was then contacted and asked if I would like to review the new and improved Clinique Moisture Surge*, so jumped at the chance.

"Rich, oil-free cream-gel instantly rehydrates. Skin stays comfortably plumped, even 24 hours after you put it on. Daily use helps fortify and repair skin's moisture barrier to keep moisture in, environmental irritants out. Better barrier, happier skin." -

The packaging is a gorgeous frosted pink jar and the lid is silver with silver/white writing. Really sturdy and very sleek. The product has been tested against allergies and happens to be 100% fragrance free. However, it does have a slight scent? This doesn't bother me though, I actually really like the smell. It's light weight and allows my skin to breathe, something other moisturisers didn't do! However, I've read that products in jars aren't great because the ingredients that are sensitive to light and air break down in the presence of jar packaging? Also, if I have my fake nails on, this gets behind them. Yuccckkk.

Another problem is that it doesn't adsorb very quickly. You definitely don't need a lot (therefore it will last a while!) but as you can see, it took a while to rub into my hand. Maybe this is because this is creamier than the original gel formula. I apply to my face every morning and night but you just have to wait a moment for it to sink in and dry on your face. It leaves my skin feeling baby-soft, moisturised and helps reduce redness.

Clinique Claims:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Gives an immediate moisture boost and plumps up skin's resistance to fine, dry lines
  • Moisturises and soothes dry skin; intensifies benefit of moisturiser
  • Instantly refreshes skin; leaves it feeling smoother and softer
  • Calms skin
  • Allergy tested. 100% Fragrance free.
  • 50ml

I do admit, I think I prefer the old version which was more of a gel however equally, this ticks all the boxes for me, especially as I have very dry skin.  Although it is a high end moisturiser, if you've got really dry skin I definitely suggest trying it out. I'm left feeling a little mixed about this, I do love it but I think I just need to adjust to the more 'creamier' consistency.

 You can purchase the Clinique Moisture Surge for £32. Shop Clinique at Harrods.

Have you tried this or the old moisture surge? What do you think?
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Monday, September 24

Wishlist #4 Heritage Edition

I love Autumn/Winter fashion and in particular, I really love dressing smart/casual. I'm inspired by the Jack Wills style and I love checks, browns and faux fur. 
  • I tried this jacket on in Primark at the weekend but was unsure, as it didn't sit right. You almost had to wear it buttoned up. Then, I saw a girl in town wearing it with a black dress and fell in love. I think I'll go back and get it. If I remember rightly, it was about £26. 
  • During the winter months, I live and die in my UGG boots. They're cosy and warm but so impractical for the rain. New Look are amazing as they sell 'wide fit' shoes, definitely suited for me! These boots would look great with lots of outfits. 
  • I've never been crazy about 'cameo' jewellery, but River Island have some gorgeous pale pink ones and in particular, I love this necklace. I can picture this with a black dress and boots. 
  • I fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it in the Jack Wills catalogue. Its real leather and just the style I love. It's pretty pricey at £198...
  • Whilst shopping at the weekend, I also spotted lots of fur gilets in stores. I tried on a few but they weren't the right colour or style. After searching online, I found this gorgeous one from George at Asda! The bow is so cute. I'll definitely be searching for this for my wardrobe. 
What do you think? Do you like this 'Heritage' style? I think I'll do more posts like this!

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Saturday, September 22

September Haul

Been shopping, oops! Got some really lovely things though, Primark has some nice coats and tweed jackets but no sizes I needed. (v. annoying) I did find a few accessories though. Also, fallen in love with Zara at the moment too! They have some gorgeous Autumn/Winter stuff. Let me know what you think!

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Thursday, September 20

FOTD: Before & After

I thought I would be brave and show you my bare face today. It's really interesting to see how make-up can change your appearance. I'm not that bothered about my face with no make-up on; I have good skin, barely any spots and definitely lots of freckles! But despite this, I still wouldn't leave my house without a bit of foundation and mascara. 

After my daily skin care routine (which I'll explain in another post), I start with a bare face and add some primer. I then blended two foundations for a heavier coverage, as I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend after work and didn't want to touch up too much. The second photo shows my skin with foundation, concealer and powder. I use a yellow undertone/beige foundation which looks more natural as the day progresses. In the first image, you can see I have a natural flush or 'rosy' cheeks, but I still add blusher and contour as this evens everything out. I finish by adding a few shades from the Naked Palette, MAC lippy and my favourite mascara, Benefit They're Real. 

Products Used:
Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua B20, Bourjous Healthy Mix, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Bobbi Brown Corrector, MAC MSFN Medium Powder, Soap & Glory Lid's Stuff Palette (Eyebrows), Urban Decay Naked Palette (Sin, Naked, Smog), Benefit They're Real Mascara, NARS Orgasm Blush, NARS Laguna Bronzer, MAC Angel Lipstick, MAC Fix +. 

I have to say, I love sitting and doing my make up in the morning. I'm happy with the products I use and the results I get. What did you think of this post? Would you like to see more like this?

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Wednesday, September 19

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

Perfume posts are often tricky because you obviously can't smell it! Chanel is a brand that I've admired and loved for a long time, one that I'll always trust and re-purchases from. Not only are their watches and handbags to die for, but their beauty and fragrance lines are just as brilliant. I wear Vitalumiere Aqua foundation daily alongside my all-time favourite Perfume, Coco Mademoiselle.

I was fourteen when I first went into my mum's bathroom and sprayed Coco Mademoiselle on me. I had never felt so sophisticated and pretty. At fifteen, she bought me my first bottle for Christmas and I've worn it ever since. I guess its my 'signature scent'.

I only sprayed it for special occasions or going out for dinner when I was younger, but over the past year I've worn it almost every single day. I often get compliments when I meet or hug people, asking what I'm wearing. 

I'm no good at describing scents but to me its a very warm, sweet, floral scent. Not girly, but It's classic and feminine, definitely not over-powering.  Apparently, it has top notes of bergamot and orange; a heart of jasmine and “morning rose petals”; and a base of patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and white musk. Mmmmm!

The packaging is a gorgeous glass jar, sturdy lid with the Chanel logo. Classic gold and white looks beautiful on a desk top. 

The only downside? The price tag. I've always been gifted mine for birthday and Christmas until recently, when I've been purchasing it from airports Duty Free at just under £50.00. Plus side though, it lasts me about 10 months. 

This is something I will buy time and time again, I absolutely love it. I've tried the Eau De Toilette too but it isn't as strong. I also own the Lidl dupe 'Suddenly Madam Glamour' that everyone goes on about. It's similar yes, but no way near as long lasting or classic smelling as Chanel.

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Saturday, September 15

Wishlist #3

I love doing these posts because it helps me control what I do and don't need and makes me look forward to buying new things! 

  • As winter is approaching swiftly, I'll be living in my UGG boots again. Over the years, I've gone through a few pairs but would love to invest in the long creamy/brown ones. 
  • I posted in my last wishlist that I wanted this Ebay bag in 'Apricot'. I went to buy it but it was sold out! So I'll keep wishing for it but I definitely will buy it soon. It's got a great inside section and a back zip. 
  • My new bed! Well, not quite, but I haven't stopped talking about it. I'll be taking a trip to Ikea ASAP to make this mine. 
  • Found this on River Island when searching for a new 'snood' for the winter. Its in the sale for £4! Thought it would look really cute with lots of accessories too.
  • Again, was searching for a new winter coat and found this black jacket. It's sooo gorgeous, perfect for wearing to work or dressing up for drinks out. 
  • My car jar has lost its scent so I need to purchase a new one. Found a seller on Ebay who has loads for only £1.99!
  • I don't know why I haven't bought this Core Collection yet to be honest but it's something I would love to invest in.
  • Seen this Essie polish pop up in a few posts recently, if you look at swatches its such a pretty pink! Definitely need this but they aren't cheap at £7.99
  • I am fully aware this isn't out yet but I would love an iPad. I've read about the 'mini' and think it will be great for emails, reading books, films and my videos. We'll see ;)

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Thursday, September 13

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel

Exfoliating is a huge part of my beauty regime but I've always struggled to find ones I've liked. I stay clear of the ordinary scrubs as they can often be too harsh, and I much prefer the ones with mirco-beads like the Clean & Clear Facial Wash. Last month, I was lucky enough to receive the Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Exfoliating Gel* in my She Said Beauty goody bag and have loved it ever since. I've been using it 3 times a week for 3 weeks. It was also featured in this months She Said Beauty Box. 

How do you apply it?
It recommends to use daily but I've been using this every couple of days as I don't want to over-exfoliate my dry skin. I apply on a dry face with dry fingers, dotting on forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. I gently massage it in for a minute and rinse of with warm water. I then continue my routine with my Liz Earle cleanser.

What's the packaging like?
This is a picture of the new packaging for the product which is being realised this month. 'Whitening' was changed to 'exfoliating' as whitening is an Asian skincare term but it doesn't actually whiten! It's sleek and sturdy and I really like the green. The lid secures well, I wouldn't worry about it leaking if I took it away with me.  

As you can see from the three steps, the gel works into the skin to remove dead cells. It amazed me how a product could even do this! I noticed the most difference when I washed it off, my skin felt so soft and looked noticeably clearer. The consistency is smooth and doesn't leave your face feeling sticky. It's cool, smells fresh and doesn't irritate at all, I wouldn't worry if you have sensitive skin. After nearly a month, I've noticed it removes black heads, helps add moisture to my dry skin and has brightened my complexion. I am honestly so impressed, it really surprised me!

What else does it do?
  • Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
  • Rubs away blackheads painlessly
  • Contacts pores for refined skin (as dead skin cells have been cleared from pores)
  • Lightens black spots, freckles & scars
  • Removes oil seeds
  • Prevents pimples
  • Brightens dull complexion
  • Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
  • Enhances quick absorption of other skin care products

Honestly, this is 100% the best exfoliating product I have used. I can't see me going back to any others and trust this as much as my Liz Earle cleanser which I apply afterwards. Basically, my skin adores this. Although its pricey at £22, it would last you absolutely ages and works wonders. I've also spotted that some sellers have it on Ebay. I cannot wait to try other products from this brand and can't recommend it enough! Definitely up there with my top 5 skincare products.

The Ginvera Exfoliating Marvel Gel 60ml is available online from or Harvey Nichols stores. 

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Wednesday, September 12

She Said Beauty Box: September

Another month, another new beauty box! I really like the fact She Said send their boxes at the beginning of the month, its something to look forward to. Looks like this was themed 'Skincare September', where everybody got the same things for once. It's nice to do this every so often, makes it more fair. 4 full size products too, impressive! So, what did I think?

Ginvera Gree Tea Whitening Marvel | 10g Sample | Full Size £22
I was lucky enough to receive a full size one of this when I went to the She Said Beauty website launch last month. I've been using it for the past few weeks and absolutely love it. I'll be reviewing in more depth this week but it removes dead skin cells and does a brilliant job. Really pleased to see this in the box, perfect for travelling for me but I honestly believe lots of people with love this.

Collection Primed & Read Smoothing Make-Up Primer | Full Size £5.99

I knew Collection 2000 had re-branded themselves and their products, ditching the '2000' and adding more products to the line. I tried this and honestly don't like it. The primer I use it a moisturiser consistency, this feels greasy and silicon-like. Despite being a full size product, this didn't win me over. Plus, I'm not sure on the packaging. The pink font looks like it would appeal to a younger audience in my opinion.

Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer | Full Size £5.99
Not impressed that we received another product from the same brand, despite them being full size products. I didn't like this either, I didn't see a difference in my make up last longer at all. I'm afraid my MAC Fix+ will remain my favourite.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil | Full Size £3.50
I have really dry skin so I'm always looking for products to help. I didn't really like the idea of applying an oil to my face, but I did really like this. It improved the dryness and left my skin feeling clearer. Smells really nice too! It was featured in last month's GlossyBox so I'm pleased I didn't miss out! If I was a subscriber to GB too though, I'd be annoyed. I'm going to continue to use it and then I'll report back. 

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask | Full Size 30ml 15ml £1.50
Yay, a brand I've not heard of or tried before, a natural face mask. Despite not being very high end or luxury, I'm happy to receive this. I've not tired it yet, but if I like it, I'll purchase again as I'm in the market for a new facial mask. 

Popchips (Bonus) Original Potato Chips | Full Size 23g 79p
Not going to lie, I opened the box and was hungry so dug in straight away. Despite being under 100 calories, they aren't that exciting and I literally had less than 10 'chips' in there! I have already tried them before at the She Said Beauty launch too. Also, why oh why did we receive a snack in a beauty box? Nice thought but no.

I liked this box but didn't love it. The Collection products didn't impress me at all, the brand is cheap and in my opinion, will remain to appeal to a younger audience. I already own the Ginvera Gel however, the mask and oil are nice beauty products to try out. I like the little bonus products that She Said generously give, but crisps just don't do it for me. I look forward to the next one but hope it's a bit better. 

You can follow my Profile here or sign up for £11.95 a month here.

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Chit Chat Update

I hadn't filmed for a while so I thought I would come back with a little one to one, chit chatty, update style video. I talk about my holiday, books I've read, beauty products I've recently bought, Apps I'm liking and finally, a general update on my life and what's been happening.

It's very weird that September has rolled around and I am not in education for the first time in my whole life!

Hope you enjoy, let me know if you managed to watch it all... I seem to like long videos!

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Tuesday, September 11

GHD Style & Protect Gift Set

I've had my GHD straighteners for well over 3 years now and love them still to this day. When I bought them, it came with two GHD styling products which I wasn't that impressed by. The brand have always been more known for their straighteners but appear to have re-vamped and released their own products. I was eager to give them a go, especially as they are ideal for my thick, curly hair.

The GHD Style & Protect Gift Set* retails at £39.00 on the GHD website (although I found it on ASOS and Amazon for only £19, bargain!) The set comes with a paddle brush, two clips and two styling products. Presented beautifully in a sleek, black box, this would make the ideal present.

GHD Paddle Brush (RRP £20)
Hands down, the best brush I've ever used. My mum and I have always invested in paddle brushes as our hairdresser said we need it for our thick, curly hair. But honestly, I've never loved a hair brush so much! It's not heavy to hold, has a non-slip texture, strong bristles and a sleek silver end to the handle. I like this touch as it doesn't dig into my hand when I'm using it. I've used this everyday and whilst on holiday, it tamed my damaged, tangled hair. This is definitely something I would purchase.

GHD Sectioning Clips
Can't say I love these as much, I've got plenty and never use them. I always section my hair when blow-drying, but have to use a bigger clip as my hair is so thick. Although, these are brilliant quality and probably ideal for someone with less hair than mine or shorter cropped hair for pining parts up.

GHD Straight & Smooth Spray (RRP £12.95)
This contains the 'GHD Heat Protect System' which you can also buy alone, so this doubles as two products in one! I used this on towel dry hair but despite recommending 4-6 sprays, it doesn't distribute product very well and I needed a lot more sprays to cover my whole head! However, it reduced frizz and I know it protects against heat. Plus, it smells just like I've left the hairdressers, win!

GHD Final Shine Spray (£9.95)
I've always had to use hairspray after styling because my hair frizzes and curls back again so easily. Obviously a pain when I spend so long making it straight! This product acts like a hairspray but doesn't have that horrible sticky feel. It's light-weight, smells wonderful and leaves my hair looking shiny, not greasy. Can't knock this product, it's one I'll use time and time again.

I like the fact the set comes with full size products, not sample or travel size ones. The brush is practical and will last a very long time. It's ideal for long hair and detangling. I don't love the clips, would prefer one bigger one or even better, some form of styling clips to complete the look. For the price tag, this isn't something I would purchase within my monthly beauty budget/allowance, but it's definitely something I would buy for a friend or family member as a gift. It's sleek, the products leave my hair feeling soft and overall, professional.

You can purchase the set from the GHD website with free delivery. 

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*PR Sample


Saturday, September 1

What's In My Travel Make-Up Bag?

I'm FINALLY off to Turkey, would you believe it! I am soooo ready for a holiday. Rich and I are off to a gorgeous all-inclusive hotel with waterslides, plenty of pools and a beach! Its going to be so relaxing and after working so hard for the past few months, I think deserve it!

I haven't gone mad with packing my make-up because firstly, I know I'm going to buy bits at Dutyfree and secondly, I just don't need it! I'll give my face a break with my sunscream, waterproof mascara and MAC Fix+ being my best friends.

I'll be back on the 10th with a tan and plenty of pictures to post ;)

Lots of love,


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