Wednesday, August 29

Wishlist #2

Wow, I had a bigger 'wishlist' than I thought! Firstly, I am a huge fan of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, so when I saw that they're releasing a special edition for the Prince's Trust in September, I got a tiny weeny bit excited. Plus, its rose and lavender... heaven!

Walking past River Island the other day, I spotted these heels in the window. They're in the Sale on ASOS but out of stock. WHY :'( Studs are huge at the moment but I like how these are more subtle. 

Winter is swiftly approaching and I've been thinking, how cute would little lace socks look with some ankle boots? Topshop do loads but I like these cream ones with black contrast lace. 

I've selected a few beauty essentials I'll 100% be purchasing at Duty Free at Gatwick this weekend. My MSFN by MAC, my favourite Chanel foundation and my ever so loved Coco Mademoiselle too. Bye bye about £100 from my account...

I had bag envy when I met my friend Megan last week who had a brown tote bag. I found a similar one on ebay which I'll purchase soon! Its £21.99 and has an inner and back pocket and nice lining. I think I need this for winter. 

I'm off to Turkey but only have 2 bikinis! I really want this but don't want to risk ordering it and it not arriving in time. It's the right shape that suits me and £30 isn't too bad either. Do I, don't I...

Finally, I very nearly bought this purse in River Island and although it doesn't look like anything special, it has lots of card slots which my current purse doesn't. 

Let me know if you like these kind of posts, they often give me inspiration and ideas!

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