She Said Beauty Box | August 2012

Holllaaa! This is my second She Said Beauty box I've received and overall, I have to admit I wasn't that impressed (sorry She Said, July was better!). I'm going to the launch of 'The Social Network For Beauty' for She Said next Tuesday so I'll be sure to take pictures and write about what I get up to there.

Absolutely Flawless Nail Foils  
No. Not impressed. Firstly, I was sent these despite my card saying 'Nails Inc Nail Varnish'. Easy mistake to make I know, but obviously I would have preferred the polish. I can't review these because I haven't and don't plan on using them any time soon. However, if 32 foils are only about a pound and I 
received 16, then this sample really is only worth about 50p. Right? Will offer these to a friend or they might get use around Halloween time but honestly, the design looks like Barry M crackle or magnetic polish, not a look I go for. 
(RRP 32 foils £1.09)

Papier Poudre Rachel Powdered Paper 
Ggrrr, why do I have such dry skin? Blotting papers just aren't my favourite and the only time I'll be able to fully try these is on holiday next month. It promises to cleanse pores, something which is appealing to me but honestly, not suited to me and my dry skin.
(RRP 20 leaf £7.96 / 65 leaf £20.55)

Redken Colour Extend Radiant - 10
Yipee! A new hair product. I lurrveee this. I rarely try Redken products due to the hefty price tag so I was pleased to receive this. I can't say I'll be rushing to the shops to spend £20 on it, but it did leave my hair feeling wonderful. I applied to wet hair and brushed through. The 30ml size is actually prefect for taking on my holiday next month to tame sea salt/clorine/beach hair! It claims to do '10 things' which I won't list now, but if you can get your hands on a sample, its worth trying.
(RRP 170ml £19.99 introductory offer)

Balance Me Rose Otto Intensive Lip Salve
I'm glad I didn't buy Glamour magazine last month as this was one of the freebies, but its the only full size product in the box and I absolutely love it. I'm a sucker for lip balms, salves, anything to moisturise my horrible cracked lips I have an awful habit of licking! This smells gorgeous, feels lovely on and leaves my lips feeling great. It doesn't quite top my favourite Burtz Bees, but it's definitely a good one. I personally wouldn't spend £12 on it, but that's the beauty of receiving a monthly box. 
(RRP 10ml £12)

White Glo Professional Choice Toothpaste
A toothpaste? In a beauty box? Strikes some controversy but teeth whiting is definitely a huge thing recently. I have to admit, I didn't think I would be impressed and I didn't want to receive a toothpaste in my box again, but this was actually my favourite thing in the whole box! My boyfriend and I have used it every single day and night since. I thought it would be handy for our holiday but looks like we'll run out soon! I was expecting it to taste really harsh and almost herbal like, but its really nice. After a fortnight, I've noticed a difference in colouring, so pleased. I went to buy the full size but can't find it anywhere, might have to order online! Really impressed. 
(RRP 150g £4.07)

4711 Eau De Cologne - Bonus Sample

I have to say, I love that She Said Beauty add a 'bonus sample' but what even is this?! It smells absolutely vile. Lots of people have told me their Grandma used it, but my Grandma wears Chanel Mademoiselle same as me! Not sure who would actually like this but its not nice. The packaging looks like weird alcohol and it will most likely go in the bin I'm afraid!
(RRP 100ml £17 - WHAT?!)

Overall, I loved the toothpaste, Redken product and the Balance Me  lip balm. Three out of six likeable products, can't say it was a brilliant box but it's not awful either (anyone remember my goat hair glossybox brush?!) 

As soon as I opened it, I wanted another one (no patience) but I do hope September brings something more. 

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If you want to subscribe to She Said Beauty Box, use my link here to help me get a free box! Only £9 a month. :)

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  1. I've never heard of this beauty box before! I agree with you that I would never use those nails wraps, bit disappointing for you. But the toothpaste sounds great, wish it was easy to find in the shops because I really want to try it out :)


  2. Ahh it looks so good! I want it all!
    Great blog, I'm following :)

  3. I was really happy with this box. Although I got ~I think~ a nicer design of the nail foils. You should contact SSB and ask for the Nails Inc. polish as afterall, that is what your card said you would receive. I think when I posted the review or Instagramed the photo, Hannah said she uses the toothpaste. So it might be worth asking her where she gets it :) xo

  4. I already watched the video but I still enjoyed this post :) Jealous of the networking event! Hope you have a lovely time :D xx

  5. Oh no that sucks that they put the polish on the card :( Have fun at the launch event :)


  6. I was appauled by this months box! I think it is simply because it is my first, and after watching your you tube video of last months, my expectations were so high.

    I only liked the lip balm. But she said beauty have said online that next months will be better. I received leopard print foils. And that cologne...shudder!! I holding out for the September box!x

  7. Everyone's raving abou the White Glo toothpaste! I really need to try it.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  8. Have to agree, 4711 Eau De Cologne also repulses me.

    Joanne, Aisle Three

  9. Really enjoyed reading your review but have to say it makes me glad I cancelled my Shesaid subscription last month! I now only subscribe to Glossybox which has its good and bad months too but the last couple of months have been good'uns!!

  10. My mom uses the lemon-scented cologne. It's really good as a sort of smelling salt if you're feeling dizzy. You never know! xx

  11. This beauty box looks brill I wonder does it deliver to Ireland xxx

  12. I get the toothpaste from Boots x