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NARS: A Bad Experience

I've never owned anything from NARS, always loved the brand and always heard great things. I've been to plenty of counters and met plenty of lovely people who worked for them but never invested. Looking at my make up, I really wanted a new blusher and bronzer for the summer and after reading reviews and looking at swatches decided I wanted Laguna Bronzer and Orgasm Blusher. 

After a bit of research, I realised that NARS sold the two together in a 'duo' for £30. I decided I would prefer this one rather than buying them both separately. It would give me the chance to try them both and be convenient for travelling. Problem was, it was a 'limited edition' thing which isn't sold at counters any more. It also wasn't available on John Lewis or ASOS (free delivery otherwise!), so I thought I would just go ahead and order from NARS themselves. 

I placed my order for the product on the 7th August and paid £7 for postage. Ridiculous I know, but I caved and hoped it would arrived in a few days. I received an order confirmation email and the money was instantly taken from my account.

Anyway, on the 16th August, I wondered where the hell my order was (9 days after ordering). I tweeted about it and some of you told me they were based in France and that's why they take a while. I sent them a kind email inquiring where it was with all my details and order number. I received this reply:
Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in NARS. We have forwarded your request to the appropriate department. We remain at your disposal will you need any further information. Kind regards, Customer Service.
Okay, fine. I didn't hear anything again so phoned them on the 20th August (2 weeks after I ordered now). I spoke to a foreign lady who really was no help at all apart from saying 'we will get back to you soon'. She also asked me to forward them my confirmation email (how embarrassing for them) and I then received an email saying:
Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in NARS. We sincerely apologize for the delay. An investigation has been opened and our computer team is solving the problem we encountered on your order. We will come back to you as soon as possible.
Fine, but I still hadn't been told if my product was out of stock or shipped or why it was taking so long. I forward my email and received the exact same auto-mated emailed as the first one. Brilliant. 
On the 23rd August (16 days after ordering), I sent them another email asking where my order was, this time, not so politely and the exact same reply. I then rung them on the 26th August yet again (phoning to France isn't cheap can I add), and spoke to the SAME foreign woman who said 'ah yes, I remember you', like I was causing such a drama. She could tell I was frustrated and said she was sort it out that day. I also told her I was going on holiday and needed it by Friday 31st. I then received this email:
Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in NARS. Following your call, I would like to confirm you that we have forwarded your request to the appropriate department. We will come back to you today before 6 p.m. We sincerely apologize for what is happening with your order. We will do our best to solve this problem.
Did someone get back to me? NOPE, no phone call or email that day. So I emailed that night (YET AGAIN), and said 'Thank you for NOT getting back to me again by 6pm today. Absolutely disgusting service you have! Will be phoning yet again in the morning for a full refund' because quite honestly, I was sick and tired of chasing my order. 
Then, on the 28th August (3 weeks after ordering), I received this email:
We come back to you as we just got some feeback from the appropriate department. We would like to inform you that your order has been prepared and will be dispatched today or tomorrow. We have contacted the carrier to make sure your order arrive before Friday. In order to apologize, you will benefit from a gesture of good will. Once again we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
They also sent me a confirmation email with a tracking number so I could see exactly where my package was at what time. 

So 6 emails, 2 phone calls and well over 3 weeks later, they finally sent me 1 tiny product which I paid £7 postage for. How difficult can it be? I received my order on Thursday 30th (24 days later) but no 'gesture of good will' they promised. Even if they had thrown in some spare samples that would have been kind. Absolutely awful service, never, ever again.

UPDATE: 1st September

I received a phone call at 5pm today from an English lady at NARS who has promised to refund my postage and allowed me to select a product of my choice from their 'colour' range. I chose the 'American Dream' palette worth £39.50. It shows that persistance does pay off and to be honest, I do deserve this compensation for how awful it was. Hope this was helpful to some of you, it has still put me off ordering online from them but at least all the fuss was worth it ;)

UPDATE: 21st September

I was refunded my £7 postage and I received my American Dream palette today. Just goes to show that its worth complaining!

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