Thursday, August 30

My Top Holiday Essentials!

Wow, how shocking has August been. I'm SO glad I'm going on holiday on Sunday! I'm just so excited so thought I would share some essentials worth taking that people often forget about. However, do bare in mind you usually have a 15kg weight limit! 

  • A good bikini of course, cover ups, maxi dress, 1 warm outfit for travelling (the UK is FREEZING), plenty of underwear and leggings. 
  • pashmina scarf is good too if you're going somewhere hot to pop on your shoulders, especially in the evenings. You can double it up as a warm scarf when travelling home. 
  • A good tip is to roll your clothes as this saves space making it easier to pack and helps them from creasing! I take an 'underwear bag' which is a little drawstring cotton bag to put dirty clothes in, but you could bring a spare carrier bag. 
  • Also, it might be worth packing a few hangers as hotels never give you enough. 
First Aid Travel Kit 
  • Worth taking as it has everything you need in it, including anti-septic cream and plasters. You can pick them up in Superdrug cheaply and mine comes in a neat see-through bag.
Plugs/Extension Lead
  • I always take a universal European plug adaptor but also a 4 pocket extension lead. At night, I usually have my camera and phone charging, as well as drying my hair etc so its handy to have the extra space. 
  • It's good to remember paracetamol, insect repellent, insect bite cream, aftersun (get an aloe vera one and leave in mini fridge!), shaving gel and razor, body spray, deodorant, face wipes, cleanser and obviously suncream. 
Make Up/Hair
  • Only stick to essentials like lip balm, a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, waterproof mascara, powder, bronzer, pair of tweezers and a good moisturiser. 
  • Might be worth taking nail varnish and remover too. 
  • Long hair like mine needs a bit of TLC after the sun, sea salt or chlorine damage. Remember bands, brush, clips, heat defence or leave in conditioner, mousse (for curly hair) and a good mini size shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Camera (plus charger and memory card), sunglasses (carry in a case) , trashy magazine/book, headphones, money, a good beach bag and flip flops. 
  • Rich and I also have a headphone adapter (you can get them for £2.99 in TKMaxx) which basically has two slots for two headphones. Ideal when sunbathing as it's sometimes annoying sharing an ear piece each. 
  • We also picked up a lilo each (1 pink and 1 blue of course) for £5.99 in G&T's which are expensive to buy out there and really easy to pack as they're already flat. They're fun to sunbathe on in the cool water. We'll give them to a family at the end of the week and leave them there. 
  • We also take a pack of cards with us for a bit of entertainment together in the evenings. 
  • Don't forget passport, driving license, tickets and check-in information. 
  • Also consider travel insurance and if you need car parking, book before. 
  • Might be worth taking your European Health Insurance card and debit/credit card.
  • Get the correct currency before you travel too.
Things for the car
  • Its good to have plenty of water, food and a blanket in the car. Just in case you break down on the way to the airport!
  • I have one of those 'squishy' pillows too which is lovely to sleep with.
Hand luggage
  • There are specific restrictions on liquids in your hand luggage of products no more than 100ml. It's worth getting these organised before and putting them in a clear sandwich or plastic bag (20cm x 20cm). Although, they do give you some when going through security. 
  • Also, worth remembering glasses or contacts, a handheld mirror, tissues and sweets to suck on for flying. 
  • I can't stress enough how much I love and appreciate my 4-wheeled suitcase. Honestly, invest in one because they are soooo easy to push along in the airport and mine is hard and sturdy.
  • It's good to add a luggage tag too with your address and optional but, tie a bright coloured ribbon on it or something so you can see it when it goes round the conveyor belt. 
Think that's it! If you have anything, let me know and I'll add it in. Hope this helps any of you going away, I'm a pro packer and I've made a list and laminated it ;) Yes, you read that correct. 

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