Weekly Summary

Making smoothies | Impress Nails | New Dress | Bella | New hair cut | Win a beauty bag! | Work | Mum's roast dinner | New hair | Jack Wills pressies from Rich | Birmingham girlies | Froot Loops

This week, I have been a busy bee working lots but Rich came home after 2 weeks away so I was a happy bunny again! He spoilt me with some gifts and got me a new key ring and nail file in Jack Wills (he knows me well!). I tried the 'Impress Nails' but I wasn't so impressed! Will review next week. Also, I had my hair cut, lots of layers and a fuller fringe. I'm running a giveaway for hitting 500 followers, you can enter here. The dress in the top left corner in from New Look sale and you can see it better here. Finally, I went to Birmingham and meet my friends, yipee! You can view my post with a haul and vlog here. For next week, I've taken time off work to give me a break and we are expecting a heat wave! YAY. I'll be blogging more, seeing my friendy Megan and watching Magic Mike, working on The Beauty Closet and booking a holiday for Rich and I.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Love the Jack Wills goodies :) I picked up some froot loops from ASDA this week too- do you think they taste different to the ones in America? This might just be me haha- but they seem different to the ones that i've tried in the states :( Less fruity and not as nice. Hope you have a great weekend Brogan xoxo

  2. The meet up looked like such fun :) x

  3. Gorgeous photos! Love the nails too! x

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    I love your blog!

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  5. Love your blog!!!
    -Jen <3
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