Sunday, July 8

Sunday Summary #5

01. If you follow me on Twitter you will most likely know I've had a lonely week without my boyfriend Rich who has jetted off to Tenerife for two weeks (TWO, seriously not even a week has passed yet and I'm missing him lots!) and my friends Megan and Stacey who went to Magaluf! Where am I? Working. 5 days a week. Spending evenings on my own. Making a lot of videos and writing a lot of blog posts.

02. I went shopping. More than once. With all this extra money in my bank account, I just can't help it! I deserve to treat myself and to be fair, I've put lots of it aside as Rich and I are booking a cheeky trip to Turkey for September.

03. I whipped out my smoothie maker and have throughly enjoyed mixing bananas, raspberries, strawberries and fruit juice. It's healthy and fills me up rather than snaking on things like crisps.

04. I had business cards made! The Beauty Closet ones got updated with more links to social network sites etc and I also had my own blog business cards made which I absolutely love. I'm sure you've seen the new header at the top which my website designers did for me, yipee!

05. Other things that happened this week - I tided up my bedroom (and filmed a Room Tour!), made and uploaded five videos (a record for me!), wrapped and sent more Beauty Closet orders, worked every day, spent far too much time lying in my bed with period pains on Saturday and finally, packed and organised my little suitcase for Birmingham next week.

Have a lovely week girls!

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