Stylfile S-File

After receiving this in my She Said Beauty Box, I nearly jumped with joy! 

Stylfile "with two different abrasive sides, the all new S-file is the two-step nail file that shapes and smoothes the nail. The unique curved shape makes filing quick and easy and the high quality abrasive lasts up to 12 months, meaning nails can be kept beautiful all year long."

The first curved shaped nail file invented by Tom Pellereau, winner of The Apprentice 2011, is ingenious and works wonders. 

The shape makes it easy and quick to file your nails as well as creating a beautiful shape. Its sturdy and I love the pink around the edge too!

I had such joy in using this I tried it on my natural and my plastic stick on nails too. It definitely worked better on my natural nails but still did a good job on my fake ones. I have to admit, at first it felt a little out of the 'norm' and awkward, but once you get the hang of it, you can really notice a difference.

The S-File is definitely something I am going to pick up for friends and family (my mum has been eyeing mine up!). At £4.49, I don't think these are too badly priced. It claims to last 12 months so just think how many nail files we go through in a year!

Stylfile have three different styles to this; I am now really keen on getting the 'emergency file' to hang on my keys!

The S-File is available at Boots, Sainsbury's and Amazon.

What do you think? Worth spending the money or just a cool new invention?

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  1. i've been interested in buying one, everytime i walk past them in boots i'm tempted! defiantly going to pick one up when i see them next!xx

  2. This looks great! I might have to get one to try it out. Thank you x

  3. I really like the idea of this, I don't normally file my nails because I can never get them even but I think this would help me out a lot :) x

  4. I'm tempted into getting the emergency one for my keys too x x

    1. such a good idea, think I need it! hahah! xx

  5. They look like such a good idea. I never file my nails always leave them to break or bite them off :/ I may need to get one of these! X

  6. My mum bought one of these a few months ago, I don't think I've properly tried it before either!
    I'll have to dig it out and try it for myself haha.
    I know she keeps the miniature one in her handbag though, which is a good idea :) xx

  7. this looks fab! :) might have to try this out :} xx