My Beach Hut & *imaginary* Aussie Party #AussieSummerSizzle‬

I am fully aware that our British Summer has nearly been ruined by days of heavy rain but I wanted to tell you about my beach hut and how I would host an Aussie Party! You know those Friday nights after a long week of work/uni/school? It's a beautiful summers day, and the sun doesn't disappear until 8pm? Well, this is where I usually am!

For the past 5 years, my family have owned this little Beach Hut. There are over 300 along a strip of land, they are a little famous and well known for being one of two places you can legally sleep on the beach in the UK. In summary, it has an upstairs which can sleep 6 comfortably, a gas cooker, running hot and cold water and solar power. The only way to access these beach huts is by boat (there's a cute ferry which runs) or a 20 minute walk.

Anyway, if the weather was like the sunset picture above (I took this in April time!), I would be hosting a rather cool Aussie Themed Party.  Here's what I would do:

Dig out my surf boards from underneath and stand them upright in the sand!
Download the Abercrombie song track list and have it blasting from our speakers.
Bake lots of cupcakes and have a BBQ going.
Pimms! A big jug of it obviously. 
Run some Union Jack bunting along the outside in light of the Olympics.
Have plenty of Aussie's Limited Edition Bottles for everyone!
(Probably will be needing Aussie Leave In Conditioner at the beach to use)
It wouldn't be a huge party, a selection of 10 of my girl friends.
Take plenty of pictures!

As I have naturally curly hair, the sea air and salt are great for giving my curls texture and definition. It's the only time in the year I can get away with doing this! I would throw on my long maxi dress (again, only wear this in the summer) and go barefoot in the sand. 

This would totally be happening if it was sunny. It still will sometime in August and I'll be sure to post about it then!

What do you think? Sound Good? 
What kind of summer parties do you have? :)

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  1. That beach hut looks amazing! Is it at Mudeford? Wish the weather was nicer, an Aussie party in a beach hut sounds amazing! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. This sounds awesome! Wish it was happening in real life :( xx

  3. That beach hut is adorable! I'm so jealous, it seems like the perfect getaway for the summer xox

  4. your beach hut is so pretty!xxx

  5. ooooo this looks like where i live in mudeford! my auntie just sold her beach hut, jealous of you for having one!xxx

  6. Wow it's such a cute little hut x

  7. Sounds great, your beach hut looks gorgeous :) x

  8. If that actually happened, it would be the best party ever. It sounds like something off of 90210 or something! :) x

  9. That beach hut is so so perfect! x

  10. this beach hut is probably bigger than my whole house. it looks gorgeous and your party idea sounds great! hope the weather perks up so you can host your party soon!

  11. That sounds amazing, and now I really want to buy a beach hut!

  12. the beach hut looks so cute! i need to stay in one someday <3

  13. Beach huts are my favourite 'British' thing, despite never actually being inside one, whenever I go to the seaside I love watching everyone sitting outside their little hut and heading indoors when it inevitably starts to rain (: xx

  14. Your beach hut is awesome I am so jelous I want one!!! I dont live anywhere near the beach though :(
    I just hope we actually get a summer this year!!

  15. love this post its so cute. i love your blog so much

  16. Just come across your blog and I love it!
    I'm follower number 500 :) x

  17. Your beach hut is soo cute! What an amazing way to spend your summers! :)

    Was so lovely meeting you yesterday! :)

    Hayley xx

  18. You own a beach hut? That is so cool! I’ve always dreamed of having a property near the beach. To enjoy a serene and cool atmosphere that soothes the mind, and feel the sand beneath my feet – that is the LIFE! But for now, I settle for short trips and rent a place near the beach. It’s fun too! [Donna Parsley]