Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I was having that dilemma where my foundations didn't match my tanned face, were all too thick or too heavy coverage and I needed something light-weight and more suitable for the summer. I had been eyeing a BB cream and after trying the Garnier one and being completely disappointed, I knew another brand would release something similar. I tried a sample of this, the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, from their Facebook page which came quickly through my door in the shade Light.

I absolutely love it that I went out and bought it straight away! The shade matched perfectly and gave me a light coverage without feeling too heavy, sticky, orangey... etc. I've tried applying with my fingers and a Sigma F80 foundation brush and was happy with both results.

'Instant fresh-faced glow without looking all made up' uses a gel-based formula to enhance skin'. These are the eight benefits it claims:

1. Natural Glow 
2. Compliments skin-tone
3. SPF30 UV Protection
4. Hydrates all day
5. Blurs imperfections
6. Oil-free, non greasy
7. Looks visibly smooth
8. Feels fresh

I have to admit, it does do ALL of these things. I absolutely love that it has SPF 30, it's the highest factor I've come across in a BB cream within this price too. I managed to find it for £6 in ASDA and can honestly say I wouldn't be using anything else over the summer and for my holiday to Turkey. It's perfect for setting with Rimmel Stay Matte powder too. Can't fault it!

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  1. I'd been looking at trying this but havent seen many reviews, so was unsure whether it'd actually be any good. I've never tried a BB cream before, so I think I might have to give this one a whirl.
    Great review :) x

  2. i have to say, for a drugstore brand that doesnt really DO bb creams, maybelline did an amazing job :D

  3. wow, that sounds fab! I don't think we can get it here in holland tho.. You look beautiful in the last picture brogan!
    Love, Eve

  4. I'm finding the Garnier one a little bit too oily for my skin now so may give this one a little go after reading this review, great post :) x

  5. I also got the samples through my door but they were too light for me :(
    Great review!! xxx

  6. I just applied for free sample, as I own too many foundations. If the colour matched you, that mean light will probably match me too. x

  7. i got my samples through this week too & after trying & testing it. I absolutely love it & cant wait to buy the full size :) xx

  8. i have to try this product. cute blog girl :)

  9. I got a sample of this too from their Facebook but I was also sent the shade light so I haven't used it yet in fear it'll make me look like a ghost! There's so many BB creams on the market that it makes me so confused! xo

  10. I tried the samples of this one, the Garnier one, and the Loreal Paris one. I love this one the best out of them all! And i too will be buying it!

  11. I see everyone raving about, such a shame I can't make it work for myself!

  12. I have these samples not used yet as I do actually LOVE the Garnier one! lol But I can't wait to try them now and you look beautifully 'fresh-faced' after application so I'm hoping that I too can achieve similar results! :D Thanks Brogan! :D x x x x

  13. great review :) ive just sent off for some samples of this, can't wait to try it! :)
    nicola xxx

  14. I have never used foundation before and this is nothing like it, it's the best product I have used and it's never let me down!