Birmingham | Pictures, Vlog & Haul ♥

Hollaaaa! Firstly, THANK YOU! I just hit 500 GFC followers, how amazing?! Such a mile stone and I will be sure to arrange a giveaway soon as I wasn't expecting to hit it as soon as I did! Anyway, I'm back and after a very eventful good weekend in Birmingham, I'm still so tired but I thought I would share some pictures and the vlog from the trip! It cost me £200 and over 6 hours on a train in total, but it was so worth it and I absolutely loved meeting the girls. I feel I can finally call them my friends. It's amazing how we all share the same hobby/likes etc, and we had finally met up. We also meet some wonderful subscribers, which was so weird for me too!
The weekend went so quickly that we are already talking about meeting again. Next time, we'll probably venture to London (I'm looking at you Holly, Lucy and Sabrina to come and join us!)
Anyway, here is a cheeky little vlog...

We ventured into a Malibu tent and got free drinks and Model's own make up kits, met our subscribers down by the Bull, were filmed by a channel called ChantTV, shopped too much and ate lots of Nandos! Here's my haul from the weekend too, if you fancy seeing what I bought ;)

Finally, I just want to end by saying a big thank you to everyone that came out but mainly to Becca, Dionne, Cole and Hannah. You girls are the most down-to-earth people and I can't wait to see you all soon. Thank you for making the trip a right blast!

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  1. SO much love for the last part of this post! <3 Hannah xxxx

  2. looks like you all had a great weekend! SO gutted i couldnt make it!
    nicola xxx

  3. Looks like a great time, you should come to Edinburgh next time instead so I can hang out with you all haha x

  4. Aww I had so much fun! And meeting all of you was amazing! Love ya all! xxx Dionne

  5. Aw this looks like you had so much fun! :)

  6. Aww this looks like you had a lot fun, wish I could have come as I'm literally 20 mins away from Brum :(