Wednesday, June 13

Tumblr Love ♥

hey girls!

I've been a bit distant, I know. Life is definitely getting in the way right now but I thought I would stop by, say hi, and let you know I've re-kindled my love for Tumblr. Some of you may know that I actually started on Tumblr before YouTube, I was at a point in my life were I was quite lonely and had split myself from my 'friends'. Tumblr gave me the opportunity to distract myself, be personal, creative and it gave me inspiration into the world of fashion and beauty. I made some friends and I even met up with one girl who came down to where I live on a Geography trip! I know that some of you have been loyal enough to have supported me right from the beginning of my Tumblr to my very first and current YouTube videos.

Anyway, now I work full time at the baby shop on my own, I sometimes find myself with some free time. After completing all my jobs and tidying up, if there's nothing else left to do, I'm allowed to use the computer. Due to the weather being so horrible this week, customers haven't really been keeping me busy. Therefore, I re-designed my Tumblr and accidentally fell in love with 'reblogging' photos and answering your questions!

I'm not promising anything but I hope to keep it updated daily. Anyway, enough rambling, if you have Tumblr and would like to come follow me you can do here:

Or, if you have any questions you would like to ask me or leave any lovely comments etc :)

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