#AussieAngels - Competition Entry

Back at Christmas, I received a lovely little package with two full size Aussie products through my lovely friend Sophie from Beautycfw. I've always been a fan of Aussie (got to thank my mum for that!) but after I knew she was an 'Aussie Angel', I thought 'ooh, how exciting!'. Now, Aussie are giving 10 girls the chance to become one and I thought I would give it at shot (What have I got to lose, right?!)

I would have happily made a video entry on my YouTube channel but the comeptition ends tomorrow! And I attempted a poem but all I got was 'Hey aussie, how are you? I must admit this is all very new'...cringe, I know.

Anyway, why should I be an Aussie Angel?

I think I would be great! Raving about a brand I already love and know is easy peasy and let's face it, who wouldn't want to be apart of such a great idea supported by a great brand!

Back at school, I was always bullied for being 'ginger', I never understood why my hair was totally different to all my friends blonde locks! I remember my hair dresser always complimenting me on the colour though, classing it as 'auburn' and reminding me that woman dye their hair to get it my colour.

As I got older, I started to appreciate it and was proud to be a little different. I've been using Aussie products since I was 13, from the Mircale Moist Shampoo to the Luscious Long Leave In Conditioner! I have really long hair now after growing it for the past year (I had an image of hair down my back on the beach in a bikini, totally aussi style of course).

My hair is naturally curly and thick, something I'm very grateful for; but I definitely rely on Take The Heat products for when it needs a good straighten! I definitely love having beautiful shiny, yummy smelling hair! I often embrace my natural curls, letting it 'swwoosshh' down my back but as I write this, its pinned up in a bun on the top of my head!

So why do I deserve to be given a pair of wings? Because I'm an typical eigtheen year old girl, who speaks her mind, loves her hair and totally wants to get involved! Thank you for reading, I would be honoured to be an Angel.

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