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Mother's day is this weekend, and although my mum is super easy and doesn't ask for much, some of my friends have been messaging me for help for their mum's present.

I don't know about you, but every card shop sells a load of crap, stuff they get out every single year and people buy just for the sake of it!

Of course you all know I have my own website, which sells loads of different things mums would LOVE. Here's my top five things I think would be a good idea..

1. Clippy Kit Bag (£8-£10) - These have been around for so long, and I've seen them pop up a lot more recently. We have three different bags in two different designs - the clutch style which is very sophisticated yet modern or the classic where you can add your own pictures. Either would make a lovely, thoughtful gift, great for a new make up bag!

2. Georgie Heart/Star Bracelet (£8.50)- If you watch my videos (or take a lot of notice!) I wear the Georgie star bracelet everyday, and so does my mum! They're elasticated so really easy to wear, and they match anything.

3. Black Chair Wall Art Sticker (£9.99) - These are fairly new to the website and would make a great gift! I chose the chair out of the four designs we currently have because mum could pop this anywhere she likes!

4. Love Heart Key Rings (£2.50) - You can't go wrong with these, she can pop them on her car keys and remember you! Comes in three different designs, easy peasy present!

5. Classic Quatro Photoframe (£9.99) - Although I do loads of different photo frames (including a little heart one which would be nice too!), this would make a lovely gift if you popped four different pictures of you, your mum and family in it.

If this post gave you a bit of inspiration or maybe you spot something else you think you might like, I'm offering all my lovely blog readers 10% off your order until Sunday! Order tonight or Thursday and I'll make sure I send it off first class so it comes in time.

10% off - Enter code 'BROGANTATEXO'

Happy Shopping!


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  2. Such lovely stuff! I got my mum some aquarelle pencils because she's wanting to start illustrating again and she's not tried them before :) I'm deffo ordering some of those bracelets when I get my next loan in! xxxx

  3. Lovely choices! :) xxxx

  4. All these stuff are so cute! Especially the frames! :)

  5. Wow some beautiful things here, especially like the wall sticker & bracelets :)

  6. you have some lovely things, love the bracelets! x