Friday, March 23

FOTD & Birthday Weekend

How beautiful is this weather? It's predicated to stay for a little while too which totally puts my mood from good to even better. Plus, it usually rains on my birthday so I'm super grateful its lovely!

I did the same make up routine as I do every single day, but noticed my foundation was looking a little patchy and weird recently (Bourjois Healthy Mix). So I tried applying it with my fingers and really liked the difference. The heat from my finger tips warmed up the product and helped it glide on better, who needs the Sigma F80?! Just kidding, I do love that brush but its nice to see a difference.

Posy shot I know but I thought it was nice! Here's a list of what I'm wearing:


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 52
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Medium 3
Mac MSFN - Medium
Soap & Glory Lids Stuff Palette - Brown for brows!
Urban Decay Naked Palette - Half Baked, Naked & Smog
YSL Liquid Eyeliner
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
MUA Mosaic Blush - English Rose
Lips - Vaseline (Super cracked at the mo, boo!)


Today, I totally screwed being at college and sat in my garden all afternoon tanning my legs and reading The Hunger Games. Now they are in the arena, I'm finally getting into it and loving the action! 
I then went and got my nails done (treated by mum!), I chose to let my natural nails have break from acrylics and went with a grey Shellac polish with rockstar glitter on my ring fingers. It looks lovely!

I'm going out tonight for my friend's 21st birthday, then tomorrow is my big day! YAY FOR BEING EIGHTEEEENNN! So excited, can you tell? I'm opening my pressies (how amazing is my mum at wrapping), then off to London early so I can hit Forever 21, Primark, Topshop, Jack Wills, Abercrombie, Monki, Tiffany and of course, Laduree! 

Then I'm going to a Chinese buffet with my family in the evening and THEN, I'm going out for my first legal night out at a huge event in town with my friends, its going to be fabbbbb. Sunday, I'm seeing my dad, who's taking me for sunday buffet dinner at a very posh restaurant.

If thats not enough (and totally spolit) I'm going to Disney Paris next weekend with my mum. Such a lucky girlie.

Hope your weekend's are as good as mine ;)

Brogan xo


  1. oh my god your weekend sounds amazing!! happy birthday for tomorrow :) definitely want to see a birthday haul ;) xx

    1. I know, Its going to be sooo good! Of course!! ;) xx

  2. happy birthday for tomorrow lovely! i love how you've done your nails and you look stunning as always xxx

  3. Lovely post Happy Birthday for tomorrow :) x

  4. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, I hope the weathers kind to you! :D
    Also, did you take the portrait of you with your SLR camera? I recently got one, but I'm so used to taking photos with a digital camera lol.

  5. Thank you! Yes I did take it with my SLR, it takes some practise because its heavy! xx

  6. Hope you have a great birthday! Being 18 is great aha :D xxxx

  7. you're absolutely beautiful brogan! :)
    your weekend sounds like fun too :)
    hope you have a lovely birthday, will possibly tweet you happy birthday tomorrow! :) xxx

  8. Have a lovely birthday :)

    Laura xoxo

  9. You look gorgeous Brogan, and I hope you have the best birthday ever! Sounds like it will be amazing, take lots of photos! xxx

  10. Have fun at everything! :D

  11. Happy Birthday Brogan, i'm in Florida Disney World on holiday at the moment, you will have a fantastic magical time at Disneyland x

  12. You look gorgeous....Happy Birthday!!


  13. Happy birthday lovely! that picture is gorgeous :) x

  14. Happy birthday darling! I hope your weekend has been amazing! <3

  15. happy birthday! hope you had a good weekend, very excited for the haul hehe! 18th birthdays are the best! xxx

  16. I just found your blog and it is so so amazing! I also subscribed to your youtube, which is also amazing!

  17. i love love love your blog! Happy Birthday ♥xx

  18. Hey Brogan, hope you had a lovely birthday! I recently discovered you on twitter, leading me to your blog, shop and youtube channel and i love it! I can't believe that you're so young, yet you have your own business etc, it's really inspirational. Keep up the good work sweet! xxx

  19. hope you had a good birthday, i love your blog:)

  20. just to say i nominated you,check out my blog x


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