Friday, March 23

FOTD & Birthday Weekend

How beautiful is this weather? It's predicated to stay for a little while too which totally puts my mood from good to even better. Plus, it usually rains on my birthday so I'm super grateful its lovely!

I did the same make up routine as I do every single day, but noticed my foundation was looking a little patchy and weird recently (Bourjois Healthy Mix). So I tried applying it with my fingers and really liked the difference. The heat from my finger tips warmed up the product and helped it glide on better, who needs the Sigma F80?! Just kidding, I do love that brush but its nice to see a difference.

Posy shot I know but I thought it was nice! Here's a list of what I'm wearing:


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 52
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Medium 3
Mac MSFN - Medium
Soap & Glory Lids Stuff Palette - Brown for brows!
Urban Decay Naked Palette - Half Baked, Naked & Smog
YSL Liquid Eyeliner
L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
MUA Mosaic Blush - English Rose
Lips - Vaseline (Super cracked at the mo, boo!)


Today, I totally screwed being at college and sat in my garden all afternoon tanning my legs and reading The Hunger Games. Now they are in the arena, I'm finally getting into it and loving the action! 
I then went and got my nails done (treated by mum!), I chose to let my natural nails have break from acrylics and went with a grey Shellac polish with rockstar glitter on my ring fingers. It looks lovely!

I'm going out tonight for my friend's 21st birthday, then tomorrow is my big day! YAY FOR BEING EIGHTEEEENNN! So excited, can you tell? I'm opening my pressies (how amazing is my mum at wrapping), then off to London early so I can hit Forever 21, Primark, Topshop, Jack Wills, Abercrombie, Monki, Tiffany and of course, Laduree! 

Then I'm going to a Chinese buffet with my family in the evening and THEN, I'm going out for my first legal night out at a huge event in town with my friends, its going to be fabbbbb. Sunday, I'm seeing my dad, who's taking me for sunday buffet dinner at a very posh restaurant.

If thats not enough (and totally spolit) I'm going to Disney Paris next weekend with my mum. Such a lucky girlie.

Hope your weekend's are as good as mine ;)

Brogan xo

Sunday, March 18

My Day | Sunday 18th March

Usually, I do a 'Sunday Summary' but I felt like just updating you on my day. Mother's Day has never been something we go to town with, my mum would rather we didn't spend our money on her and she's always SO fussy, we never get it right anyway. She thinks flowers are a waste because they die (yet buys her own mother them), hates any clothes you attempt to buy her, isn't into make up (not like I am!), wears the same perfume (plus has about three back ups) and complains about her weight so we stay clear of chocolates.

Anyway, we asked what she wanted to do and she just wanted to paint our Beach Hut. I could literally sit here and write for hours about our little beach hut, but it a short summary, its one of the few places in the UK you can legally sleep on the beach. It has an upstairs, gas cooker, runs on solar power and can sleep about 8 comfortably, with 3 double beds! We have recently has the downstairs re-done and it needed painting (especially as we all want to sleep there during Easter half term).

She went over there straight away this morning, whilst I had to stay at home and tidy my room. No word of a lie, it was literally the messiest place EVER. It was actually embarrassing. 3 hours later, 1 bin bag and  enough carpet to finally tread again, I finished!

In the process of cleaning, I completely changed up my make up and how I organise/store it. I don't have a HUGE make up collection, in fact, I realised I don't even own any MAC eyeshadows!? But I'm happy with what I do have, any girl would be! And of course, Make Up Collection video will be on its way soon.

I popped to Boots with mum yesterday, checked my boots advantage card at one of those little booths (always worth doing!) and had one for a free sample of Benefit's new foundation 'Hello Flawless'. Being a complete lover of Benefit, I couldn't miss this. The girl gave me two, along with the Eye Cream as I told her I have really dark, under-eye circles. How nice!

Piccie of me waiting for the ferry (there are only two ways to get the strip of beach huts, walk or get the short ferry), and my new diesel sunglasses! Found them in TKMaxx yesterday, tried them on and never EVER feel that sunglasses suit me but fell instantly in love with these. Originally £124, I got them for £24.99? MAD, TKMaxx is really good at the moment by the way, I got a gorgeous lace, grey top too!

And finally, heres a quick shot (and peak of mum painting) of the beach hut. There are roughly 300 along this part of the beach, but don't worry, I'll chat about it more another day. Cute though, right? There's a little restaurant and shop down there, so we all went for lunch, I definitely enjoyed my Fish & Chips!

I spent the evening filming, editing and uploading a video, then went out and did a photography shoot which completely failed. Never mind.

No more sunday summaries for a while, next weekend I turn the big EIGHTEEEENNN! and the weekend after, I'm in Disney.

Happy Mother's Day, hope you all had a good one.




Wednesday, March 14

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under £10 | The Beauty Closet

Mother's day is this weekend, and although my mum is super easy and doesn't ask for much, some of my friends have been messaging me for help for their mum's present.

I don't know about you, but every card shop sells a load of crap, stuff they get out every single year and people buy just for the sake of it!

Of course you all know I have my own website, which sells loads of different things mums would LOVE. Here's my top five things I think would be a good idea..

1. Clippy Kit Bag (£8-£10) - These have been around for so long, and I've seen them pop up a lot more recently. We have three different bags in two different designs - the clutch style which is very sophisticated yet modern or the classic where you can add your own pictures. Either would make a lovely, thoughtful gift, great for a new make up bag!

2. Georgie Heart/Star Bracelet (£8.50)- If you watch my videos (or take a lot of notice!) I wear the Georgie star bracelet everyday, and so does my mum! They're elasticated so really easy to wear, and they match anything.

3. Black Chair Wall Art Sticker (£9.99) - These are fairly new to the website and would make a great gift! I chose the chair out of the four designs we currently have because mum could pop this anywhere she likes!

4. Love Heart Key Rings (£2.50) - You can't go wrong with these, she can pop them on her car keys and remember you! Comes in three different designs, easy peasy present!

5. Classic Quatro Photoframe (£9.99) - Although I do loads of different photo frames (including a little heart one which would be nice too!), this would make a lovely gift if you popped four different pictures of you, your mum and family in it.

If this post gave you a bit of inspiration or maybe you spot something else you think you might like, I'm offering all my lovely blog readers 10% off your order until Sunday! Order tonight or Thursday and I'll make sure I send it off first class so it comes in time.

10% off - Enter code 'BROGANTATEXO'

Happy Shopping!

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