Sunday Summary #2

Hello lovely readers! It's 8.30am and I've woken up to hear birds tweeting away and bright blue sky (perfect filming weather). Luckily, I haven't been hit with the snow as I live right by the sea and its fairly warmer. I really don't want either, because driving, getting to college and generally day-to-day errands would be very difficult! Snow in the UK just isn't the same when I go skiing.

Anyway, I didn't manage to write one of these last week and I have a feeling it may be something that occurs every other week. But I'm numbering them throughout the year and I guess it gives me more to talk about!

Okay, so I have officially fallen in love with NANDOS! I hadn't bothered going before because I don't like spicy food but the plain chicken wrap with the special mayo is to die for! The first picture is when I went out with my lovely friend Hannah for lunch the other day, although Mark has treated me twice too!

Do you like my nails? Firstly, I've been using the set of 200 nails from boots that I purchased recently and they are surprisingly pretty good! The nail colour is Leighton Denny, Babydoll which I bought in a blogsale for only £2.50! (RRP £11.00) 

My lovely friend Hannah on twitter wrote this quote to me when I was having a bad day last week, it pretty much summed up the day and kept me motivated all week, lovely isn't it? You can follow her here! (If you like reading, you should check out her blog all about book reviews! here)

The biggest change in my week (or life!) was joining SLIMMING WORLD! YAY! After writing this, I'm going to film an 'update' video and chat all about it (because there is a LOT to say!) But summary is, I want to get fitter, healthier and loose two stone before the summer. 

image taken from google here

Guess what I booked this week? Obvious enough? DISNEYLAND PARIS! *jumps around screaming like a small child in the adverts*
If you read my last sunday summary, I talked about wanting to go for a quick break after my eighteenth birthday. After scrolling through pages and pages on the web to try and find a deal, Disney suddenly popped up with a flash sale of 50% off! 
In summary, we're going on Friday 30th March until Sunday 1st April (2 nights, 3 days) and are staying in Disney's Hotel Cheyenne.
We managed to book hotel, tickets, half board food and Eurostar for only £400 each! 
I'll be vlogging whilst I'm there!

Enough of Disneyland (you'll be hearing about that until the day I go), other things that have happened this week -
  • I handed in my Photography project after 5 months of working on it and was given my exam piece (eeekk) still need to order the photobook though!
  • I went swimming for half an hour and plan on keeping it up every week possibly even twice a week!
  • I sold two Juicy Couture tshirts on Ebay and bagged myself £25.00! not bad eh?
  • I attended a 'not going to uni' talk at College, wrote down my details and at the end, they did a price draw. Guess who won a £15 Itunes Voucher!? Lucky me :)
  • My lovely friends Somer and Courtney (Reflections) recently entered the Sky 1 show 'Got To Dance' and are semi-finalists! Their audition piece was a beautiful contemporary dance showing almost perfect  symmetry in their timing and obviously because they are twins! You can watch their audition here

I thought I would summarise other things I've been loving this week in groups.

Favourite's this week:

Song: Turn All The Lights On - T.Pain 
Food: Activia Cherry Yoghurts (no Syns in Slimming World 'World') & SW Hi-Fi Lemon Bars
Clothing: My Fur Stole (Haul coming up!)
Shoes: Boots
Purchase: My Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush! (again, haul coming soon) & Disney tickets
Beauty Product: Garnier Day Moisturiser for Dry Skin
Film: Chalet Girl
TV Show: New Girl and 90210
Apps: Pic Stitch, Disneyland, Sims FreePlay, Temple Run, NatWest
YouTuber/Channel: Sprinkleofglitter/slimmingworld

That's it from me this week, sorry it was a long one but I hope you enjoyed the read. Have a good week, enjoy the snow if you have it and I'll update you in a video I'm going to film today :) Off for breakfast now, see ya!


  1. love that nail polish! what nail polish is it?xx

    1. I talked all about it in the second paragraph down? Its Leighton Denny Babydoll xx

  2. Lovely post brogan! SOunds like you had a great week. Very exciting about Disneyand too :D Thanks for the mention xxxx

    1. No problem hannah, thank you! I know, waaayy to excited :) xx

  3. The nail polis is beautiful, and i love disney!! You'll have a wonderful time :) x

  4. love your blog <3
    i am a new follower to your blog and twitter ...
    -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

  5. I love your nails :)
    I nominated you for the cute blog award, all details are on my post :D

  6. Just found your youtube and your blog. I love your latest video, so open and honest, especially as I broke up with my boyfriend and have been loosing weight too! Can't wait to start following! Good luck! xxx

  7. I stayed at Cheyenne when i went to DLP two years ago :D its awsome! make sure you sit on the amazing bar stools in the breakfast room! :D X