Saturday, February 18

My Top 5 iPhone Apps!

Back again! I'll quickly say thank you, I hit over 200 blog followers on here which I'm really pleased about! I generally didn't think this little corner of the internet I have would ever be anything special.

I've popped a video up on my channel of a tag, What's On My iPhone? But for those of you who prefer a little read, I thought I would summarise my top 5 favourite apps at the moment. They change (a lot), and I'm always on the hunt to discover newer, better ones. For the meanwhile, here they are with my favourite first.

Instragram - If you haven't already discovered this app, you have not lived! Its easy to use, works well for everyone and makes blogging about my life simple with pictures. You can edit your photos with loads of filters and can enjoy others posts by liking them. I've even noticed loads of companies using them to promote or advertise themselves. Welcome to the next big thing, brilliant really. You can follow me by searching 'brogantatexo'.

Temple Run - Voted number one app across hundreds of countries, this is probably the most addictive, fun game I have ever played. My top score is close to 3 million, and I love playing it when I'm in a bad mood because I take it really seriously! The best thing is, it doesn't get boring even though its repetitive and you start from the beginning if you die. 

Shazam - Everyone should at least try this app, I use it all the time and am so grateful for it! Don't know the name of a song? Just 'Shazam it' as we call it in my family! We all use it and think its super clever. It listens to 10 seconds of the song, and then BAM! name, artists and relative links all done for you. 

NatWest - Pretty self-explantory really, and kinda boring I guess, but I use this all the time, every single day. Whatever bank your with, check out their app because you'll find it super useful. The NatWest one lets you log in really easy, transfer money and check balance on the go. Takes a while to set up for security reasons, but I love it.

Twitter - The last one was a toss between Facebook and Twitter, for obvious reasons really as I'm use every single one of you uses both. I love how easy the twitter one is though, I use it every day!


So there we have it, my top five apps I'm loving at the moment. I hope you liked this post and if you want to watch my full video including all the others I have, then check out my video below. Please let me know your favourites, I have £12 iTunes credit from winning a voucher and love exploring new ones.



  1. Oven break is a cool game you basically have to collect letters and jump an duck underthings! Also if you like cut the rope there is also one called cut the buttons which is different but still good!

    1. Oohh I had Oven Break on my ipod and forgot how much I loved!! *downloads..* ooh I'll check that out, thank you! xx

  2. I love Instragram as well, I love the way it make a normal picture look so different with the filters. Might try temple run :)

    1. Yeah, its so simple yet really nice! OHH you should, its addictive!!

  3. I really liked your video! <3 you're amazing(: same as you, instagram is my favorite app!! ♡♡ i followed youu :D

  4. Love Temple Run there is a new one out called "Temple Run Brave"! its really good!!!


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