Sunday, January 22

Sunday Summary #1

This is my first sunday summary of 2012 and I'm going to try and make it as regular as I possibly can! Anyway, I've had a pretty good past week.

Last Sunday, I went up to London with my mum to visited a Trade Show for The Beauty Closet. It was held at Earls Court and there was plenty to do and see. I interacted with suppliers and spent far too much money on new stock, but it was a really good day. My feet were KILLING me by 4 o'clock! The first two picture are what kept me going through the day - a caramel hot chocolate from Starbucks and a sausage and egg muffin from mcdonald's (screw you diet).

I'm really struggling to make it to college at the moment. As some of you may know, I dropped my business btec that I was studying, leaving me with only two a levels (english literature and photography). Although this is great and I'm much happier, my timetable is really empty and I don't see the point in going in! The third picture is one of me on a day I did make it in, I love wearing my snood recently, its so cosy.

No, that screen shot isn't fake, I did actually get over two million on temple run on thursday!! Whilst I was playing that game though, I had just had a really bad day. I went over to my dads house to spend the evening with him and ended up having a huge row about money (he doesn't pay my mum anything towards child maintenance), and left.

Friday was better, I went to college for two hours and came home to see the pile of dirty clothes and fresh ironing piling up and up. I HAD to do something about it. So I went totally mad and did a HUGE change around in my bedroom. If you are observant in my videos, you will notice that the bed is pushed back, my 'beauty desk' is up against the wall and my 'work desk' is by the window now. I really like this arrangement and it works better for both Mark and I.

So theres my week in a nutshell, I've been totally busy with The Beauty Closet more than anything else, new stock has arrived everyday and I also made a trip to HobbyCraft and spent the day making my own packaging!

Other than that, I've been going crazy about wanting to visit Disneyland Paris for my birthday too. Mark has agreed to take me (YAY!) so I've just been looking at deals for a 2 night/3 day break in March.

I'm still sat in bed at 11am and its a beautiful day outside. The only reason for this is because I've come down with a horrible cold and didn't even make it to work yesterday. New videos may be delayed but I'm sure everyone will understand.

I hope you all had/have a lovely week, I'm so proud I've written this and dedicated time on my blog this week! Let me know what you think.



  1. Your bedroom looks so lovely and cosy! I love the new stock up at the beauty closet too :) Hope you feel better soon xx

    1. thank you katie! so glad you like the stock. aw, I hope so too, thank you! xx

  2. You rock that Temple Run! My highest score is about 500,000. :D

  3. Your bedroom is gorgeous! I really want to re-paint mine so you've given me some great ideas! thankyou x

    1. Thank you! I would love to re-decorate properly, I sell loads of pretty things on my website :) xx

  4. OMG I love that Mark has finally caved and is taking you to Disney! I love your new room arrangement it looks nice : ) xx

  5. I'm so addicted to Temple Run but I can never get past 100,000 never mind a million.. or two! :(

  6. Hahah love the temple run score ;)



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