Review: John Frieda Weather Works Style Sealant Creme

The Superdrug 'blue cross sale' never matches with Boots half price gifts, but I was strolling through the last lot of products they had left and found this for only 49p!? The 'John Frieda Frizz Ease Weather Works Hair Style Sealant Creme' (that was a mouthful!). Usually, I wouldn't touch any of the 'clearance' or 'reduced' section, but I was drawn to this Weather Works product. I cannot rave enough about John Frieda's 'Frizz-Ease' collection which I have about three or four products from, so decided to buy it. I mean, what have I got to loose at only 49p?

Product Features/Claims:
  • For all types of hair
  • Can be worked into dry or wet hair, no need to rinse out
  • Essential styling product for all day control and the smoothest of styles
  • Silky, luxurious creme formula provides incredible manageability and frizz control
  • Weather works regime to keep hair weather resistant
  • Contains a complex of polymers and silicones to smooth hair and maintain your style

Here's the TV Ad released in 2009:

I know this product is fairly old (hence the price!) but after only a few uses I have really noticed a difference.

I have very thick, curly hair, which just LOVES to go frizzy as soon as I step outside. I felt that this locked the curls and made them feel and look softer than when I use the moose. Plus, I've noticed a different with my split ends, it provides a really natural hold. 

There aren't many reviews out there about this product, it definitely deserves more recognition and it would be great if John Frieda released it again. 


  • Lives up to claims - locks curly hair and keep it from frizzing
  • Leaves hair feeling soft and natural looking
  • Helps split ends
  • Can use on wet or dry hair
  • Price!
  • Discontinued unless found in the last of the Superdrug Blue Cross sale or online
  • No lid on top when bought, was only sealed by twisting
I'm sorry if this review is no good as the product is now unavailable, but it gives you a feel of the products out there and I'm sure John Frieda have replaced it with a similar line to check out. I love this product, and am tempted to go back and find the last one they had left to stock up. You should definitely check the Superdrug Sale, although products like these are discontinued, there is nothing wrong with them!


  1. Ooooh looks so good! Going to look out for this in my Superdrug sale :)

  2. This looks good! I think ill need to try!


  3. I need to try this, I love John Frieda hair products. xx

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