Monday, January 30

Haul: Lush!

I've already cheekily uploaded a video from my recent trip to Boots and Lush (I'll pop the video below!) but I took these pictures and got really excited as these were the first things I have ever bought from Lush!
Space Girl Bath Ballistic - £1.95
Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar - £2.45

I went for Space Girl as I've used it before and really like the smell. Its very fresh and not 'overpowering'. I also spotted Magic Mushroom, a Limited Edition Bubble Bar re-released for Valentines day! There were only a few left on the tray so I got two! I can definitely see myself getting some more to stock up with though.

I already had a very relaxing bath yesterday using Magic Mushroom, it made my bath a pinky/red colour and left my skin feeling so soft and smelling beautiful! I've been told it's a combination of Lush's Vanillary and Yummy Yummy Yummy (strawberry scent) but I can definitely smell the vanilla. 

To be honest, you could break this up and get two or even three baths out of it (which I tried to do) but it gets very messy and my mum just cleaned the bathroom! I've already got my star soap in the corner making a little mess! But its an idea, you could pop it back in the bag. 

Overall, really pleased with my new bits from Lush. I obviously need to stock up more so this won't be the last post from Lush! I've really grown to love lush, it took a while but I now see the hype! I'm never having a bath again without my lush products!

Next on my list to try:
Comforter Bubble Bar
Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb
Dreamtime Bath Melt

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